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Feb 5, 2009 05:40 AM

BBQ Beans: Andy Nelson BBQ

First off, these are by far the tastiest BBQ Beans I have ever had. They are delicious.

I am trying to duplicate these beans at home with limited success. Does anyone have any idea what the recipe for the Andy Nelson BBQ beans would be? Anyone want to take a shot at the ingredients that are in there beans? Anyone have a clue on how these beans are made to taste so good?

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  1. Bacon, brown sugar, molasses, ketchup, mustard, worcestershire, garlic powder, onion powder, salt, pepper, cayenne.

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    1. re: gregb

      thank you. Respectfully, is this the actual ingredients or a guess on your part?

      thanks again.

      1. re: gregb

        Soak the dry navy beans in water over night. Quick cook bean recipes never have as much flavor, when coooking the ingredients, use a ham hock and pull out at the end prior to service.

      2. What gregb said, I also add a little allspice,cinnamin,maple syrup and cidar vinegar. I use great northern or navy beans. Cook for long time. Can't say what Any Nelson uses.