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Feb 5, 2009 04:54 AM

Amici in Landenberg PA has closed - looking for a replacement

Hi - we had been enjoying Amici in Landenberg very much. Now that it has closed we need a replacement . We are looking for nice atmosphere and really good food in the Newark, New London vicinity. We have been to the Fairhill Inn and found it somewhat pretentious. Any suggestions are welcome.
thanks in advance.

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  1. Amici's just re-opened as The Wedge. Menu is scaled down with burgers and sandwiches as well as steaks and fish. They plan on having rock bands and Jazz on some nights.

    We were there last night and it wasn't great but it wasn't horrible. Servers seemed confused, food was OK although they were out of several items. Looks like the place is in a death spiral.

    Dome in Lantana square in Hockessin is reliably good and it isn't that far away. Twelves in West Grove gets lots of local press, but I don't think too much of the place. I like Fair Hill, but you do have a point about the pretention. The Farmhouse in Avondale is good.

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      Amici/Wedge after being empty a while is now Carolyn's Cafe, a BYO that just opened a week or two ago. The menu has apps, a few sandwiches/burger, salads, and about 4 dinner entrees. Fixing the layout of the menu would make the dishes more appetizing.

      The place is cleaner than it has ever been (which is not nothing) and the food is just OK. The menu is limited for a dinner out, but at lunch it was fine. I'm hoping that this place will evolve a little. Its early.

    2. We just had dinner there, and it was just awful. Tuna steak... asked for medium rare, and it was a overcooked on a white plate with a spoon full of rice. For 22 bucks it was a total rip. Calamari was a load of rubbery intertwined tentacles in a grotesque chewy greasy pile. Everything was bad, except for the wine my wife chose, and the green beans. Destined for failure, just like Amici's before it. I feel bad for the financial institution that funded this joint.

      1. If you are still looking, please try Twelve's Cafe in West Grove-great BYOB with fresh local organic ingredients. We have been there many times and get take out as well. Delicious food. If you are looking closer to Newark Cafe Gellato is about as good as you will get in Newark. We will certainly not waste our time or money at the Wedge after having a horrific and too expensive experience at Amici. How did that dump ever get favorable rewiews? We will not give the same owner our money again.

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          Twelves is better than the Wedge, but we've found it to be very uneven too.

          I always marvel at how a restaurant can be run so badly as the wedge. My 17 y/o could do better. Call Gordon Ramsay, STAT!

        2. The original comment has been removed