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Feb 5, 2009 04:53 AM

New Chinese Restaurant in North Quincy

A new Chinese restaurant just opened up in Quincy on the section of Billings Road that is near the subway/commuter tracks. It is called Chinatown something or other (didn't get a good look at it, unfortunately) and I think it took over two or even three storefronts, including an old pub. Pretty good-sized spot...

I'm still looking for more info on the place, but does anyone known anything about it?

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  1. It's the same place (East Chinatown in English?) as the one around the corner - they took over the larger spot since business was good. Haven't tried the new spot (they have 2 kitchens) but some have said it's no different from the original (which was quite good, IMO).

    1. I thought from the sign it was going to be a Chinese seafood restaurant. However, it didn't look open when I drove by last week. There's another Chinese restaurant slated to open soon on the corner of Newport Ave at the old Dee Dees location.

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        The place is definitely open now. Thay had a grand opening sign out front. But I thought the sign said something other than "Chinatown East," though "Chinatown" was definitely in the name.

        Dee Dee's closed? Wow, they were around forever.

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          It's called Grand Chinatown and it offers similar food to East Chinatown. Allegedly, they will be offering dim sum soon.

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            Thank you. I drove by it twice last night and never got a good look at the name, but that is it. Actually, here's the menu for the place:


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              Thanks. That's the menu (the one and only take out menu they had and couldn't give it away) I saw a few nights ago. I spoke with the owner Of East Chinatown a few years back, and she seemed intimidated by Chau Chau's in Dorchester by the business they were pulling in. This might be her answer. Currently, Chau Chau's has the corner on the dim sum crowd for N. Quincy and Dorchester. A little competition would be nice. It works for the Vietnamese restaurants in Fields Corner.

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                I can't wait to try it. I was thinking of trying the Shabu place around the corner, but I may have to hit Grand Chinatown first.

                1. re: hiddenboston

                  If it's anything like East Chinatown, it should be decent.

                2. re: Guinness02122

                  Picked up takeout at Chau Chau Monday night and there was 1 party in that cavernous restaurant. You could have heard a pin drop.

                  The food was a 6 on scale of 1-10, but portions were ginormous and it was really cheap.

        2. I have to say, East Chinatown is one Quincy, Asian restaurant we won't be going back to any time soon. The hostess not only asked us to order our food while we waited in the reception area, she sat parties that came in after us, ahead of us. Hellooo!!! That would be the last time I walk through that door. I think bad attitude must be an ingredient necessary for a new resto to bee successful.
          Include Me Out,

          1. OKAY, now you have the Hamster running in circles in her habitrail!

            Which one is CHINATOWN EAST , which one is GRAND CHINATOWN and which one is at the old Dee Dee's???

            And doesn't this make 4 or 5 Chinese restaurants within a 2 block radius? Plus the sahbu and Pho?

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              East Chinatown is the original on Hancock St. Grand Chinatown is the new larger location around the corner on Billings - but it's owned by the same people as East Chinatown (the Chinese names are the same - so it is indeed a larger version of the restaurant around the corner). Don't know anything about what's replacing DeeDee's Lounge.

              1. re: kobuta

                Ah, this brings back such fond memories of the confusion over "old Alba," "new Alba," and Trattoria Alba" :)

                1. re: SeaSide Tomato

                  Must be in Quincy's city code to have as many similarly named restaurant reincarnations as possible to confuse patrons.

                  1. re: kobuta

                    YES! Add Fuji and Fuji 1456 to the list!

                    Well I suppose a good brand is a good brand.

            2. The family and I had lunch at Grand Chinatown on Saturday(2/7/09). The menu is the same as East Chinatown (same owners). Food was fresh and tasty. It's a big room with around 17 round tables (mostly large and medium size tables) in the dining room. I was informed that the basement will have additional seating and soon, they will start serving dim sum (once they hire a dim sum chef). It's a good size restaurant to hold banquets or parties (no longer need to trek to Chinatown).