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what's your go to pan...

just curious of what everyone's go to pan is... for now mine's a calphalon "everyday" pan, it's 12 in across and has 2 handles and pretty deep. It's not nec my BEST pan but i have some stuff that's waiting to come out until after a big move.

just wondering if there's a pan people reach for the most... out of ease of use or bc it's stored on the stove....

for good measure, my go to knife is a wusthof 6 inch chef. I have others but i was scared to buy a bigger knife when i got this and now it's habit. :)

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  1. Stainless 4 qt saucepan and 5 1/2 quart saute. I use at least one of them every day.

    1. I love my MC2 fry pans, but if I'm just cooking for myself I usually grab my Emerilware 8" pan. It was $20 at BB&B, but it is every bit as good as my All-Clad.

      1. Large cast-iron skillet, hands down. For saucepans, 2-qt. stainless with clad bottom.

        1. 12" cast iron skillet.
          It lives on the cooktop.
          Does not have a residence in a cabinet.
          Never has.
          I have a floppy silicone lid for it.

          1. It seems like 90% of the stove top cooking is done in one of two pans:

            1. A 5 qt Calphalon One sautee pan.
            2. A 2-1/2 qt. Cuisinart stainless sauce pan.

            1. I like the Calphalon Commercial 12" Everyday pan (often ~$20 on Amazon), but since I rarely cook for more than two people, I use my Calphalon Commercial 2.5qt Shallow Saucepan (also ~$20 on Amazon) for a lot of things. It's shallow, so it can double as a small saute pan, as well as making soups and sauces. Aside from that one, my 12" nonstick fry pan gets used a lot as well.

              1. A 10" Wear-Ever aluminum fry pan and a
                2-1/2 qt. Calphalon anodized sauce pan.

                1. I use either my 12 inch Calphalon skillet, or my 5 qt Staub the most.

                  1. One of 2 Norwegian Hoyang cast iron frying pans or Hoyang copper/stainless sauce pans. This year is the thirtieth anniversary of buying them at the factory in Jaeren Fylke. Got my money's worth.

                    1. 12" cast iron pan / 4.5 qt w/lid allclad sauce pan / 2 qt w/lid copper sauce pan at least 2 of the 3 are used daily

                      1. My very favorites (and most used) pans are both DeMeyere: a non-stick crepe pan that makes the most delicious scrambled eggs, and a 3.5 qt saucepan that is big enough and small enough for most other things.

                        1. I keep all the cookware hanging on the wall or on a shelf at eye level, can't honestly say one gets more use than another.

                          The pan I reach for is whichever is best suited for what, how and how much I'm cooking.

                          1. Calphalon Tri-Ply Collector's Edition 3-Quart Chef's Pan. It's a fantastically versatile shape/size.

                            1. if I have to use one pan that will heat evenly and respond to changes in temperature quickly, it would have to be copper

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                                I have to agree, copper is the best. Replaced all of my "Clad" cookware with Falk copper a couple years ago.

                              2. although I am fortunate in having a great array of pans, and they are all out where I can grab the right pan, my "go to" pans have to be a medium copper sauce pan and a large copper skillet, both tin lined. I still go to the cast iron skillet and the cast iron stove top griddle a lot, too. And the big SS stockpot with the steamer and pasta inserts seems to get used several times a week. I think a more interesting question is, "Which pans do you love having when you need them but rarely use?" I guess that prize goes to a large SS lined copper roasting pan, too much work for a small chicken or pork loin but unbeatably wonderful for a rib roast with pan gravy! A ceramic insert double boiler is a close second.

                                1. I have to saute pans. 1 Emerilwear and one caphalon. Not sure of the size but 8 and maybe 12. I love them both. I use them more then anything

                                  1. Used to be the 10" cast iron. Recent acquisition of a heavy copper/tin saute is doing the large work and a 2-qt copper/tin is now the saucepan of choice. That said, I look for an excuse to use all my pans, in hopes of finding on that's duplicitous. I'm not winning.

                                    1. My 10 inch Griswold frying pan that I bought for 10 bucks at a stoop sale (non Brooklynites read garage sale) and a 1.5 quart cuisinart sauce pan.