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Feb 5, 2009 01:29 AM


The only place/site that I can find one is the King Arthur site for about $22.00 including shipping. Does anyone know where I can buy one in San Francisco or perhaps another website? I can't find any stores that carry them, Sur La Table, Wms. Sonoma, etc.

Does anyone own one? I want to use it with the Artisan Five Minutes A Day dough. Is it just another tool to cram into a drawer and forget about, or is it really useful?


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  1. Here's a better price (when in stock):

    I have the large whisk and use it all the time. For regular (not 5-minute) breads, I start with a balloon whisk, adding about 1/2 cup flour at a time, just until smoothly mixed. I switch to the dough whisk when the mixture gets thick. The dough requires very little kneading after that.

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      Thanks for the response. Acording to their site, breadtopia is out of stock. I didn't mention them because of this. KA wants $14.95 plus $6.50 shipping, breadtopia wants $8.00 plus about $2.85 shipping.

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        I just spoke with Eric, the owner of breadtopia. Unfortunately his supply won't arrive until mid-March. He thinks the whisks are the same, as his come from Poland too. He said that they originally came from Denmark, but apparently they have been out -sourced to Poland and are shipped from there. I am going to wait until his supply arrives, not just for the price, but because I enjoyed talking to him. I like to deal with a company with a face.

      2. I have both the large and the small whisks I purchased when KA first started to carry them. However, I have never seen them in a retail store. I use them for a variety of tasks. Today I used the large one to revive and feed some forgotten sourdough starter that was in my refrigerator. I love the small one for muffins, waffles, pancakes. Good luck with your purchase.

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          Thanks. As soon as they are available from breadtopia, probably mid-March, I'll now be buying two instead of one. I hadn't thought about buying the smaller one.

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            yayadave ....Thanks for the new site. They too have no 15" whisks in stock. I spoke with the importer directly yesterday, and apparently they are the only importers to the U.S. including KA, who puts their name on the handles, breadtopia, and several other sites names that the importer gave me. The importer said that they will not be getting any until mid-March and then they have to ship them to their customers - wholesale, not retail. So, I will just have to wait another 6 or so weeks. The price on Fantes was very good - $6.99.

            I hate to sound cheap, but KA is $14.95 plus $6.50 shipping, while the other sites were about half of that and the shipping is a lot less. Yes ... believe it or not, it is the principle of the thing. Had I not seen the lower prices, I gladly would have bought from KA without a second thought. They are all exactly the same according to the importer.

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              Would you mind telling me who the importer is?

              1. re: bakernewbie

                I am so sorry bakernewbie I completely missed your post which is a year old. Of course I would have given you the name of the importer, but now I don't remember who they were. I think that they were in Santa Barbara, Ca. and were very nice. Once of the sites gave me their name.

                Please forgive me for this oversight.

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                I wonder if you could let me know the name of the importer. I am in the UK and am trying to find how to import them into the UK as they seem unavailable here at the moment which is crazy, since we and Poland are supposed to be in the EU and part of the same big market!

                I would like to contact your importer and see if they would be prepared to let us know the name of the manufacturer, I am hoping as it won't interrupt their own market they would be happy to pass us the information.


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                  Josordoni, please forgive me for overlooking your post. I just saw it today when I came back to this thread.

                  Since it was over a year ago that I spoke to them, I have completely forgotten their name and contact info. I think that they were in Santa Barbara, CA. I got their name from one of the websites mentioned here, but I don't remember which one.

                  I am so sorry, I didn't deliberately ignore your request.

            2. These things are great. It's wild that these quirky wires on a stick - mix dough so perfectly! I found them for around $7 at

              I just bought a couple proofing baskets there and the people are very nice.

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                breadfoolio...great minds think alike! I found the other day, and I ordered a large one and a small one. It appears that they are the only people left that still have them in stock - except King Arthur at twice the price. I agree, they are very nice and ship quickly. I am in San Francisco, and they are across the Bay in Antioch, so I should have them in a few days.

                1. re: Canthespam

                  I also ordered from FGpizza! Google checkout was freezing their site, so I called to let them know. Frank G called back within a minute. He was very responsive, really nice, talked about sourdough with me and how he was using his starter. Of the four sellers of dough whisks, FGPizza was tied for cheapest (including tax, shipping, everything) with Fantes is in Vermont and shipping was likely to take 5+ days so that swung it for FGPizza. Although I love Breadtopia for educating home bakers so much, their whisks were a wee bit more expensive. And King Arthur's were way too expensive (1000% agree with canthespam). Frank said he'll ship them tomorrow--so thanks to Chow/Breadfoolio, I found a place that is not only cheaper, but faster for me.

              2. I got mine at Sur la Table about a year ago. If they're out where you are you might ask about them. Perhaps they could reorder for you or locate one at another location.

                I don't remember what I paid but I'm fairly certain that it was a good bit less than KA and then, of course, there was no shipping.

                I just LOVE KA for their products, their absolute availability to problem solve baking issues personally ant their mission to keep home baking vital. It saddens me that shipping costs must kill a lot of their market. :'o