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Feb 4, 2009 09:45 PM

Dinner : Pico/ La Cienega

Having some people coming in for dinner. One is kosher, some want to go to ethiopian vegetarian restaurant. Husband won't go, anyone have any suggestions that are reasonable. Is milk and honey still good, or delices bistro., La Gondola .Pat's I think is too expensive. I also heard of a place on Melrose and Stanley an Israeli place, anyone know anything about it? Would love to hear of a good place. TIA

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  1. The place on Melrose and Stanley, On the Fire Grill, was very good in terms of food but casual and not the best service. I think it's worth a try though.

    1. We went to Cow Jumped Over the Moon last time we were in LA. I heard they moved and expanded to a much bigger place. It's dairy and French inspired.

      I also liked Milk and Honey, but it's very casual.