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Feb 4, 2009 09:19 PM

new to university of miami

i am taking my daughter to interviews at the university of miami and was wondering what are some good eats nearby. We're from LA--so even popular Florida fast food chains would be great. Thanks for you help!!!!

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  1. We're going to be visiting the University of Miami in April with my daughter also. We're from DC. I hope someone answers this thread!

    1. Try Titanic, its a little microbrew but with pretty darn good food. Its a few minutes away from the UM, don't ask me the addy though, i was just passing through.

      1. Hi, I'm a student and tour guide at UM. I actually get this question a lot, so here are some of the places I recommend. There are tons of great places on the Beach, but for a more typical UM experience check out some of these restaurants in Sunset, Coconut Grove, and Coral Gables.

        Moon Thai and Sushi, right across the street from UM. I more or less live there--the sushi is so-so but they have amazing curries.
        The Rat is the on-campus bar and grill--basic burgers and sandwiches, but check it out because it's a big student hang out and a fun place to eat.
        Blu Pizzera is at Sunset, about 5 minutes from UM and they have good Italian food and pizzas.
        Deli Lane in Sunset also has a great Sunday brunch if you are there over the weekend.

        Coconut Grove is great for eating and shopping; from UM take US-1 to Grand ave. and hang a right. Check out Green Street for outdoor seating and all around good food; Moe's or Scotty's Landing on Bayshore have a great outdoor atmosphere by the marina but the food is mediocre. There are also a bunch of nice French restaurants in the Grove.

        Downtown Coral Gables has some great places; from UM take Ponce to a L on LeJeune and continue on to Miracle Mile. There's a great salad place for lunch called Giardino Salads on Giralda Ave.

        Have fun and good luck on your visit!

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