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Feb 4, 2009 07:49 PM

Valentine's Day at Noca - Form to fill out?


I got a call tonight from Noca to confirm my Valentine's Day reservation. They also wanted my email so they could send me a form to confirm my reservation. Huh? I'm wondering if they are going to want my credit card info or something in case of cancellation. The guy on the phone didn't elaborate. Anyone else had this call?

  1. Frank gave everyone that made a reservation a call...the reason is very simple...we have a limited amount of seats and want to make sure that everyone that makes a reservation does intend to come. Clearly, you intend to come but many diners will try to make a reservation, not get their ideal time and then in the end go somewhere else that they can get in at their ideal time. New Year's Eve on the second seating, we had some no-shows and we turned away too many diners that wanted to spend New Year's at NOCA because we had reservations for all the tables. Following that lesson, for NYE, Valentine's Day or some evening like that we will always confirm reservations and take a credit card for a deposit in the event that the reservation is not honored. As long as the reservation is cancelled by the 13th then there will be no charge. We are going to great lengths to bring in some precious items for the menu that day and want to make sure that everyone that has a reservation for that dinner does intend to come. That is no disrespect to anyone personally but hopefully that will deter someone from making a reservation with us at 9pm and then on Valentine's Day decide to dine somewhere else at 7:00pm and waste the table that someone else would have been able to use.

    Thank you for your understanding,

    Owner of NOCA

    1. FWIW, asking for a credit card to guarantee a reservation on high demand nights is not that unusual. Especially during these times, I think that it's only prudent for restaurants to have this policy so that they can at least recover some small remittance for those clueless and selfish people who mulit book tables but haven't figured out how to cancel one.

      1. Since the restaurant has explained the reason for the call, and it looks like this thread is heading off in the direction of whether using credit cards to guarantee reservations is an appropriate business practice, we're going to lock it. If people want to have that general discussion, please start a new thread on the Not About Food board. ( )