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Feb 4, 2009 07:20 PM

Dinela extended??

Sometimes a couple restaurants extend their special dinela menu until the end of the month. Last time Valentinos offered it for a couple weeks and then extended it longer only for mondays. So far I hear that a steak restaurant in beverly hills (I cant recall the name) will be extending theirs for the rest of the month.
Has anyone heard of any others?

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  1. Gordon Ramsay has extended for the month of February and I think Roof Garden at the Peninsula has as well. Any others?

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    1. re: sarahlindsey

      Grace is also extended (just for an extra week so far).

      1. re: ljeanne

        Too bad their tasting menu plain and simple sucked. I never went to Grace's before the DineLA event, but I hope all their food at regular price isn't like what I had at the DineLA event.

    2. Thanks. Ive been to both Grace and Gordons but Ive never been to the Peninsula. Ill try to check it out.

      1. how much savings do you think the typical dinela menu gives you?
        wife and i have been to about 10 places this year and i'm guess the average savings was less than $10 per person. il moro seemed that it was about a free dessert. london i think actually was probably the best "deal" versus regular prices. akasha was about a free dessert depending on entree selection. valentino was probably the worst deal since they served smaller portions than the regular menu. we had 2 orders of vitello tonatto. 1 from the regular menu and 1 from dinela. the dinela was about 50-60% of the size. at the same table even.

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          Wilshire Restaurant was our first DineLA, and if the portion sizes were the same, the full prices for the same 3-course meal would have been about $50 vs. the $34 during DineLA

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            I would say that your best deal would have been at the Dining Room at Langham Hotel in Pasadena. $44 for a 3 course menu - a regular sized 3 course meal - at a fine dining Michelin star receiving restaurant? Great deal.

          2. All of the restaurants that are extending the promotion are listed here:
            Click on the individual restaurant to see what dates they are still doing it.

            1. I heard that Valentino is extending it -I think it's one of the best places in LA