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Feb 4, 2009 07:19 PM

Cypress in OC - New Sushi place

Cypress has a new sushi place called "Fish in a Bottle" on Valley View, just south of Ball Road. It's in the same lot area where the (vacant) Mervyn's building is. It is finally open after being under construction for at least 6 months!

Sushi isn't my thing so I'll leave it to others to critique. I've heard there are several (2?)other "sister" restaurants by the same name, not sure if that puts it into the "chain" category or not. . .

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  1. I'll preface this by saying that I love sushi, but I'm not a guru by any means. My wife and I tried this place last night (valentine's day) and had a good time. We didn't sit at the bar, but service was prompt, even though the place was pumping.
    I'd give it a good, but not great rating. They're definitely more of a fusion sushi place - lots of innovative rolls. We started with the sushi sampler platter: Ahi, yellowtail, snapper, shrimp, albacore and a spicy tuna cut roll. The spicy tuna was my favorite - actually very good.
    We followed it up with a crunch dragon roll (wife's pick). Good, but a little bland.
    All in all, considering it was Feb 14, it's probably worth another try if we're in the neighborhood, but I doubt it's a destination place.