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Feb 4, 2009 07:04 PM

Cozy coffee house downtown?

I'm in search of a relaxed, laid-back coffee spot. As far away from Starbucks as possible. If it stays open late, even better. Much thanks.

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  1. Here are over forty very recent suggestions

    Agreed, a lot of them are not in central downtown, but they are far from Starbucks

    Let us know how you find some of them,

    1. Bisogno, on Sherbourne just north of KIng, excellent espresso, great staff and very laid back

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        Second for Bisogno. I'm often there daily and Von & his staff do terrrific espresso-based drinks. Very comfortable to relax/lounge in too.

      2. B Espresso on Queen East (on the same block as George), but it's not open very late AFAIK.

        1. Any specific area in mind? There are so many spots around town it is hard to point at one. If there's one place I'd go out of my way for, it's Tango Palace at Queen E. and Jones. Open until 10-11, huge selection of baked goods and pretty decent coffee. Great atmosphere too.