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Feb 4, 2009 06:39 PM

SEA--Good licorice in bulk?

My valentine is more of a licorice fan than a chocoholic. Last year I was working on Bainbridge Island and I got him some really good stuff at a little shop in Winslow called Bon Bon. But I'm not working over there now, and it's kind of a schlep just for a sack of candy. Any suggestions where can I buy some quality licorice on this side of the water--preferably in bulk, and not pre-packaged?

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  1. My first thought is the Ballard Market. I love licorice and they have really good quality red and black licorice, pinwheels and the little 1-2" pieces. They have some regular and some organic, too. I would assume Central Market has the same selection. Good luck!

    1. There's a candy shop at U Village (I think it's called The Confectionery) that sells many varieties of licorice (including the salty dutch stuff) from big bulk jars. The stuff they carry tends to be pretty high quality but is not inexpensive.

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        Perfect--this looks like what I had in mind, a lot like Bon Bon on Bainbridge (the stuff I got there last year was AMAZING--and I'm not even such a licorice fan).

        Thanks, y'all!

      2. I second the shop in U village- I bought so really good licorice there*