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Feb 4, 2009 06:33 PM

Recent PDX Park Kitchen Experiences?

We're going to be up in PDX for the weekend and I'm thinking about heading back to Park Kitchen for an early dinner before the Opera/Silent Movie show on Saturday night. I've had great meals there (and, obviously, great drinks) but I had also heard it had took a slow or uneven turn for the worse a while back. Anyone been lately and had a good, bad or indifferent meal? Anything you want to recommend? Thanks!

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  1. I went last memorial day and did the tasting menu. It was good, but painfully slow. And herky jerky in the timing of dishes, etc.

    If you do decide to go there, don't get the tasting menu if you're on a timeline (even though I think it's a great value, especially with multiple people, as you get a range of many dishes).