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Feb 4, 2009 06:17 PM

Best Pizza in Austin?

Since I moved to Austin a little over a year ago I've tried at least a dozen pies, though I haven't found anything like the North-east, I've definitely enjoyed some decent pizza. Home-Slice, Hog Island, East-Side pies, Hoboken Pies, and Craig O's (Bbq chicken) all are fairly good. I've heard good things about Sarcone's as well...

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    1. re: moosy

      I think Cipollina is overrated. It's a cool "place." Thankfully they now have some women working there – the men were grumpy and condescending. I hate them though for being really really stingy with their basil on the Margherita pizza. Even when you ask them for extra, it's just a few measly shreds.

    2. Saccone's is my favorite. Opinions seem to be split on this board, and some have said it's greasy and the middle doesn't hold up well and gets soggy with the toppings. I happen to like grease, and the fact that they are liberal with their cheese. So, weight of the toppings means you have to fold it... not a problem for me.

      I also like the pizza at Frank and Angie's for one reason... they offer roasted garlic as an option, and it has generous amounts of whole roasted garlic cloves. A lot of places offer fresh garlic, which I like, but roasted is a whole other thang.

      Salvation is nice if you like very thin, very crispy, charred crust. The Parlor's crust was similar. I've also had good pizzas from Milto's, Rounder's, Home Slice, and Southside Flying Pizza.

      What kind of pizza are you looking for? What are your preferences? I'm a total nerd, and have kept notes on everywhere I've eaten pizza since I moved to Austin. I'm up to 37. Still haven't tried Eastside Pies or Hoboken or Cipollina, and I've only had sandwiches at Hog Island. Unfortunately, though, I haven't had NY pizza, so I won't be able to talk "authentic".

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      1. re: stephanieh

        I need to your recommendation for a Northwest Austin Pizza place. My brother is in town tonight staying at a hotel in the Arboreteum area and we want to order out pizza for a crowd. Have you tried Brooklyn Pie Co. or Red Brick Pizza? They are close to the hotel.

        1. re: unobug

          red brick is a chain that does individual sized pies.
          if those are the available options, go w/ brooklyn.
          i've only had pizza from the la frontera location, but it was tasty.
          they have good greek salads, too.

      2. saccones speaking as a ex nyker for many yrs is oily and only fair.rounders isnt bad and its italian which is a resturant makes a real good thin pizza.reales is ok but overall austin gets a C grade on pizza.

        1. This is kind of a played out and overhashed subject on this board, but I have to put a plug in for Slices and Ices on the drag. They never get any love on this board, but their slices are as good as they get in Austin...north of the river at least.

          Their Calzone slice (cooked well done) has been a lunchtime staple for a couple years now.

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          1. re: ieathereforeiam

            Here's a few dozen responses on an older Austin Pizza post.


            I've only had two amazingly bad meals in Austin.Ever.Yes,I've eaten more than my fair share of mediocre food but recently I had a meal so bad that I really questioned whether I would ever eat again.Surely a slow death by starvation would be preferable to eating more than once at Red House Pizzeria on Manor Road.

            We'd decided to have a quiet night,watch a really slow Kalatozov movie and sit on the couch with a big pizza.That sounds like an estimable plan when you pair it up with a litre of Maudite and a handy dimmer switch,but the cook at Red House has a different plan in mind.To wit,let's send out a pie that's simultaneously scorched beyond recognition yet achieves the distinction of being as chewy as a giant wad of Big League Chew.HOW DO YOU DO THAT?

            When the bartender hands me the giant box it weighs about the same as my Austin utility bill envelope.I actually look inside to make sure there's a pizza in there.It's a 5 topping pie that could've been sent with a 42 cent stamp.It's right at midnight so I trundle home with my pie,fire up the old Magnavox and get down to business.

            OUTRAGE,HERESY,DISGUST,PUERILITY-and a lot of other adjectives too.This is some really bad pizza.A scant dusting of the promised 5 toppings straddle a woebegone,blackened husk of a crust charred to the point of resembling the castings from a coke plant in Eastern Tennessee.I'm hungry as a bear so I put the thing in my mouth.


            I crunch-I chew-I crunch-I chew.I've eaten glutenous,chewy pizza.I've eaten thin brittle pizza but I've never eaten glutenous,thin pizza.It's weird.I started a post called "Ground Breaking Chef in Austin Texas" awhile back and I think I've found that chef.He's at Red House Pizzeria.He's breaking new ground in shipping food out that bears little resemblance to the common definition of what we North Americans call food.Maybe this is the epicenter of molecular gastronomy in Austin and I'm just not aware enough to realize it.

            This is one bad pizza. I set the box out on the back porch,rummage through the fridge for awhile before it hits me.SAVE THE RACOONS,SAVE THE POSSUMS. I step out back and grab the odious pie before some curious critter from the nearby woods happens upon it and mistakes it for food.

            I'm not sure what the best pizza in Austin is but I reckon it's about the same as being the best ballerina in Galveston[ M*A*S*H?].We're too far from the multitude of factors that make up a great pie[proper municipal water being the first one that springs to mind]so we content ourselves with barbecue,queso and chicken fried steak...such are the privations of life in Central Texas.

              1. re: scrumptiouschef

                Scrumptious, although I'm sorry you suffered bad pizza, this is one of my favorite posts of yours.

                I used to believe in that adage about pizza being like sex... even when it's bad, it's still pretty good. But then I had Joseph's pizza (in Westlake on Bee Caves Rd), and it took bad to an all new level. Your description of the pizza that could be sent with a postage stamp brought that pizza memory rushing back. Thanks (she says sarcastically). ;-)

                Completely unrelated to scrumptious' post, I don't get the love for Reale's. We've eaten there more than any other pizza in Austin, because it's walking distance from our house. But, I find the crust way too tough. The part with the toppings is fine, but the outer crust makes my jaw ache and is bland to boot. It's the only place in town where I leave my "pizza bones". I've also had the weirdest wait staff experiences there. There's one person whose section I won't sit in. In order to push salads, she told us our pizza would be about 45 minutes (nothing special like a thick crust or anything), then she brought bread sticks to every table but ours (including others who only ordered pizzas). The last time we went, another waitress forgot about us after leaving the check. We waited and ungodly amount of time, being that neither of us are fond of conflict of any kind. Other diners were noticing, actually, when we decided to take the check to the front register and pay. It wasn't that she was busy, either. I saw her chatting up some guy in the kitchen for quite some time. Nonetheless, that's probably where hubby will want to eat again tonight. Sigh.

                1. re: stephanieh

                  That Joseph's is an Austin's Pizza now.

                  1. re: Delled

                    Interesting... and not at all surprising. I think it was the worst pizza I've had in my lifetime (and that's a whole lotta pizza!) Plus, wasn't it just across the street from Marye's Pizza? We haven't been over there in quite awhile, but I remember liking it the times we went. A little pricey, though.

                2. re: scrumptiouschef

                  I know this is an old post, but I read scrumptiouschef comment on pizza and I had to laugh out loud! That's why I hate pizza in Texas. It's either downright disgusting or underwhelming.

              2. I'm going to have to disagree with scrumptiouschef on this one. The Red House has absolutely the best pizza in Austin IF you like a thin and crispy crust. Their pizza is more in line with Cipollina or Eastside Pies, both of which I am a fan of as well, it's just hard to get there after I was turned onto Red House. The bar and patio are just icing on the cake.