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Feb 4, 2009 06:13 PM

Three LI South shore strike-outs... one week!
I don't know, maybe it's me but in these troubling times there seems to be less and less decent dining destinations of any kind on Long Island.

Spiga Bakery/Cafe in Bellmore, Merrick Rd.: $38.00 wasted on dry artificial chocolate mousse cake, rotten rainbow cookies and barely edible Napoleons.

All-American Burgers in Massapequa: $25.00 blown on two raw franks, two sub-White Castle quality burgers, a large order of those "famous" fries (greasy mush) and a few watery fountain sodas. Why is this place still drawing crowds?

Smokin' Al's BBQ Massapequa: $25.00 down the tubes on a chicken & ribs combo with 2 sides. Chicken-burnt with a hardened inedible layer which seemed to have been under a heat lamp for a day or two. Ribs-huge tasteless smokefree slabs of grey greasy meat-ugh! Sides-sour soupy collards were totally underwhelming. Baked beans were sugary sweet. Free cornbread lacked soul or flavor. Huge impressive space with big bar and ample help, but the food is sadly lacking

Not a lot of $$$ for sure, but definately a three strike scenario. Any local hounds care to offer viable alternatives?

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  1. I never got the obsession with All-American Burger. It's basically McDonalds.

    I prefer Five Guys and American Roadside/American Burger Company over them. Especially Five Guys - they give you so much fries that it's impossible to not get full off them.

    Five Guys is in Levittown and Long Beach (and they're opening locations in Hauppauge, Amityville and Hicksville over the next year), and American Roadside is in Smithtown (I'm not sure if their Huntington or Hicksville locations are still open).

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      I totally agree about the burgers, Five guys and American burger Company(ABC) are a lot better. More expensive, but much better, at least when i comes to the burgers. All American's fries are very good(i've never had a greasy mushy mess there), better than ABC, but there burgers stink. How did you manage to spend $25 there? Five guys is very good in both the fries and burger aspect. I think the Huntington location of ABC is still open. Hicksville for 5 guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yes! where!!!! maybe i can make if from my office in roslyn for lunch.

      For BBQ go to swingbelly's in long beach.

      1. re: jpf1980

        I don't know about Hicksville yet since it's not on the store locator for FG like the other "coming soon" locations, but from the Five Guys store locator, the Amityville one will be on Merrick Road and the Hauppauge one on Vets Highway.

      2. re: RoleModel

        Every once in a while I go back to All American in search of those-what used to be great fries-but I guess that was then this is now.

        The fries ARE to die for at 5 guys, plus the "small" portion is humungous! The burgers are about 5 times better than All- American's.

        Recently I've been to Burgers 9.5 in Merrick a few times. The regular beef burger (super-juicy) the beer battered onion rings (huge & excellent) and to a lesser degree, the fries (not quite as good as 5 Guys) , are the only reason to wait on the line that forms here.

        Cheeseburger cheeseburger in Plainview and elsewhere was a dud in every way-skip it!

        I will try American Roadside/ABC the next time I'm in the neighborhood. Thanks!

        1. re: kelvin8r

          ABC/American Roadside's fries aren't that good, so be warned. Their burger is basically as good as Five Guys though, and they have a better selection than Five Guys.

          1. re: kelvin8r

            OK, I haven't been to All-American in several years, so I can't attest to the current status of either their fries or burgers (though I heard they changed meat vendors a few years back). But I'd never been to a Five Guys, and decided to give it a try.

            Worst. Burger. Ever.

            I ordered a pretty much plain burger (lettuce and NOTHING else). Didn't expect two patties (and would have preferred one), but there you go. Cooked well-done: just dry, grey meat. The lettuce was the only source of moisture; the patties were hockey pucks. Ugh. I tried a piece of the meat by itself, sans bun and lettuce, and it had almost no taste. I tossed 2/3 of it. I spoke to the guy who took the order, and he said they will only cook to well-done (not even medium or medium-well, let alone medium rare). Total waste of $5. I even regret the calories.

            The fries were OK. Perhaps the majority were properly crispy, others mushy. They were some of the saltiest french fries I've ever eaten--I had them almost an hour ago and I can't get the desiccating feel from my mouth. They got tossed, too.

            Haven't been back to Burger 9.5 since they started the lunch specials--you can't order from the full burger menu for lunch, just a 1/4-pound beef burger. One of the better burgers I've had, but I liked the alternatives more (the Kobe burger may or may not be true wagyu beef, but it was tasty). Maybe I'll go back and see if they've changed that policy.

            1. re: Scott_R

              I should have issued a correction: the lunch specials at 9.5 are now an option; you can order from the full menu again for lunch.

        2. A report on Spiga bakery a year later...still a waste of money. I happened to read your review just yesterday: knew SIL (lives in Merrick) was bringing pastries for dinner and said to myself, I wonder if that's where she went. Because she mentioned wherever she has gone was out of almost everything.... ON CHRISTMAS EVE! AN ITALIAN BAKERY! So she walks in my house with the box and sure enough, Spigas. I politely said, Oh someone just mentioned this place to me. Well I woke up this morning and threw every one of the gross things away. All that even was eaten was a half cannoli that two people tried, and maybe a little of one Napoleon. The Napoleon was just cake with icing, no puff pastry; the cannoli shells tasted burnt and everything else was either soggy or stale (as in old and leftover). Glad I didn't pay for it.

          1. You might find this Favorite Long Island Restaurants thread helpful:


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            1. there isnt much going on, on the south shore...

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                Try these:

                Argyle Grill in Babylon village, great burgers, one of my favorite ceasar salads with blacken chicken, all food very good, good service

                Tellers in Islip, top noch steak, you have to get the bone-in rib eye, the bone is almost 20" long

                Bobbiques in Patchogue, this is the place in suffolk for good bbq, one of my favorite chilis, great x-large bbq wings, huge beer selection, live music, kewl owner...