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Feb 4, 2009 05:58 PM

If you only had 4 dinners in Paris where would they be?

Keeping in mind as fabulous as Le Cinq might be I would rather not have dinner in a Ritz....if you have four dinners to spend about 50 Euros per person Sat, Sun, Mon, Tues nights.....which 4 restaurants would you choose?

I dont get to travel much so I want to make the most of my trip. I would love great food, wine, and atmosphere to really experience Paris.

What would your 4 places be???

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  1. Chez L'Ami Jean
    L'Ami Louis
    Chez Denise
    Le Grand Pan

    1. Does anyone have any input on these places... how is the food? how much?

      L'Atelier Maitre Albert
      La Boucherie Rouliere
      Le Grand Colbert expensive?
      Bouillon Racine
      au petit fer a cheval

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        Used to live next to L'Atelier Maitre A, and thought was below average. Thought Le Grand Colbert was pretty , authentic, and some of the worst food ever eaten in Paris

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          We had an absolutely miserable experience at Boullion Racine a couple of years ago. Atrractive room though.

          1. re: jen kalb

            I can tell you what they're going to be.

            When my husband and I finish up our next trip to Europe with 4 nights in Paris, we're planning to eat at Chez L'Ami Jean, Itinéraires , Christophe and Spring - if Daniel Rose has re-opened by then.

            1. re: DexterDog

              ok so no on a couple of those....

              how about ....
              La Regalade?

              Any other must go to restaurants around 45-55 euro per person?

          2. re: Ilovegoodfoodandwine

            "Au petit fer a cheval" I assume this is the small bar in the Marais? It is a great but tiny bar, perhaps my favourite in the Marais. Room for about 10 standing and maybe 10 sitting. There is a back-room but few people head there. They definitely do bar snacks - bread and meat. But I wouldn't head there for a meal.

            1. re: PhilD

              Phil thanks for the info. I would not have known

          3. What about L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon or La Table. I looked up some previous posts but couldnt find a definitive on prices or likes for dinner

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            1. re: Ilovegoodfoodandwine

              I understand your plight! So much food, so little time....

              I would highly recommend either Chez L'Ami Jean and/or La Regalade. Both are excellent value, excellent food. During our trip last September, we loved Le Troquet (on Rue Francois). I think it was 36E for a six course tasting menu and it was superb. The atmosphere was lively, service lovely.

              La Table de Joel Robuchon is amazing, you may prefer the lunch deal at 55E if you are on a budget.

              1. re: shopwinedinefine

                Can someone tell me if chez l'ami jean has one set menu per day or do they have an actual menu. I ask this because it is so highly recommended but since i eat very little meat i am afraid i wont find something for myself there. My fiance on the other hand will surely be happy there.....also I cant seem to find a site on la they have an officail site or menu posted somewhere?

                1. re: Ilovegoodfoodandwine

                  No website or official menu for l'Ami Jean and La Régalade (there's one for l'Ami Jean but you won't find menus there). Both have 36€ prixfixe menu with several choices of starter, main and dessert. Both will have meat and fish but not necessarily vegetarian options.

                  As SWDF says, La Table is a great idea for their lunch deal on weekdays, affordable truly excellent food. L'Atelier is a very high end snack place, with excellent rotisserie -- it has not bargain menu and it is expensive and there are no tables, but some dishes are wow.

                  You can see pictures from all those place on my Picasa gallery:

                  1. re: souphie

                    souphie you are so amazingly helpful! So do you think I should make a reservation at la reglade or l ami jean knowing that chicken is the only meat I eat. They have such great reviews but i fear there wont be anything for me to eat....

                    Also, we will be getting in saturday afternoon. I was thinking we might be a bit jetlagged so we should make it a more carefree evening. Any recommendations?? Should we walk around the latin quarter or germain de pres and grab a casual dinner? any place in particular?

                    1. re: Ilovegoodfoodandwine

                      It's a good idea. I would grab a good glass of a wine and an excellent sandwich from Cosi, rue de Seine, and go to bed early.