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Feb 4, 2009 05:48 PM

Flat Enchiladas

At the risk of damaging my refined-taste reputation (as if I didn't do that already with Quatros Milpas) I'm on the hunt for flat stacked enchiladas with a fried egg on top. I was introduced to this by a former mother-in-law who made them herself. I then stumbled on them in Victorville, but that was at least 20 years ago.

Anyone have a source?


Disclaimer: The above is not a recommendation of haute cuisine, and is not intended to lead high-taste diners to this low point of culinary arts. I fully understand this is not a gen-u-wine ethnic food created by any ancient tribe of any specific ethnic origin. While I enjoy high-brow places I also eat at, horror of horrors: Suchi Deli, 4 Milpas, Saigon, and Super Sergio's. Just so you know my lack of taste and sophistication. And yes, I know about Mama Testas. and Super Cocina. In short, I'm apologizing in advance. Thank you for your forgiveness.

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    I had this book marked, not sure if this was the site I used or not. I just made this this year for a friend visiting. He is big into mexican food, probably traditional but I was just making something quick one night. I think I was just searching for something a bit unique and found this. I was very good. I am pretty sure this was the recipe.

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      No place down here in FL, but that recipe was descent if you want to make it yourself.

    2. No current place to send you, but when I have had them, they were called Sonoran style enchiladas. That might help you find some.

      1. Stacked enchiladas (fried egg optional) are traditional in New Mexican cooking. I'm pretty sure I never saw a rolled enchilada until I was a teenager. So it's fair to say they are, in fact, a gen-u-wine ethnic food. Tasty, too. Just look for a place that serves Santa Fe - style cuisine.

        1. your disclaimer made me smile!

          1. Fakey!
            I love Las Cuatros Milpas and was so craving one of those guaco tacos that they make for me the other day and almost did a run down to the barrio..
            I get the salsa to go along with the tortillas.
            Place so proud.

            It's really easy to can do it..stack tortillas with sauce and cheese..add meat if you like..bake in the toaster over for 30 minutes at 400 and then top with a fried egg...easy peasy!

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              Cuatro Milpas rules is right. You'll see me there on sunday mornings before 930 to get their menudo.

              As Melanie mentions, these are Sonoran style and I do think you would have to join me on a trip to TJ to have them unless you prefer AZ.

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                You can get these at Gumacus, the Sinaloan cenaduria in South Gate.They're called enchiladas del suelo, made with chorizo.