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Feb 4, 2009 04:39 PM

Help: Seattle dinner for women's group

We're 8-10 women meeting for conversation and dinner in Seattle. West Seattle area or downtown are ok. Ideal price is $25pp inc tax/tip. Does the price lean us toward neighborhood ethnic? That would be fine.

Need easy access to major highways and easy parking as we come from all directions. Good food and attentive service with chairs that are comfy for long conversations. Relatively quiet ambiance, but not romantic quiet. Thank you for any help. I am arranging, but am not from Seattle.

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  1. I noticed that you've not gotten any responses and, in trying to respond myself, see that there are sort of too many competing parameters to be able to give you much of anything. Can you maybe rank your needs and also clarify a few things?

    a) Does your price tag need to include beer/wine?
    b) Can easy parking be pay-lot parking or do you just want easy free parking?
    c) Are the downtown core and West Seattle really your only options?

    This might help. Frankly, there isn't anything that meets all your needs based on your original post.

    1. Hudson, I suggest Filiberto's because:
      1. It is easy access with plenty of free parking.
      2. Good food & good service. (Not world class, just good.)
      3. They won't mind if you linger after dinner.
      4. Price is in your range.

      Filiberto's is near Highway 518 between SeaTac Airport and Burien (a suberb of Seattle.)