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Feb 4, 2009 03:59 PM

Sam's vs Costco

I have been a member of Sam's for a long time but my new town has a Costco too.Which one is better? Or should I do both?

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  1. Costco is NOT cheaper, they have great produce and nice meat, but they do not have a great selection of food, and you cannot depend on consistency with what they stock. I am also a Sam's club member but it is not as convenient as Costco for me. For an example. The pedestrian boneless skinless chicken breast, $2.89 per lb at Costco,
    1.99 a pound at my local market. I would stick with Sams if price is your main concern.

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    1. re: jillcooks

      Curious, you didn't mention the price of chicken breast at Sam's. I sure the $1.99 is a sale price at your local market..

      1. re: cstr

        Yeah, the normal going price of boneless skinless chicken breasts here in the Midwest is $4.99/pound. Again, I can't tell where Jillcooks lives, but that's one heck of a price for one of the most highly processed poultry cuts.

      2. re: jillcooks

        Looking at the Safeway website depending on the packaging etc, it ranges from around $3 to $6 a pound.

      3. I'd choose Costco, no matter where you go there's going to be one around. Costco is mostly less expensive than Sam's.

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          Actually not so in the South I haved in many different places from the mid south to the coast and this is my first time in close proximity to a costco (less than two hours) ,in this two they are less than a mile!

        2. I'd go with Costco, because they have a MUCH better record on how they treat their employees as well as an effort toward responsible buying practices. Sam's Club and Walmart are abysmal on both these counts. You might want to ask Costco for a one day pass in order to see if their product mix suits your needs. Here, the Costco is a significant savings over grocery store prices, unless you happen to hit double coupons when an item is on sale. For instance, I can get ten pounds of cane sugar for about 44 cents a pound, but most groceries here sell it at between 59-69 cents per pound. I do think their product mix and prices vary by region, from having shopped in CA and KS. I can't tell from Jillcook's profile where she lives, but her experience and mine on prices at Costco do not jive.

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          1. re: amyzan

            That last word should be "jibe," too late to edit. Sorry.

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              ITA, amyzan. I don't give my money to Walmart. Cheap can't be the only reason to buy something--it's part of why our economy is in such a hellhole.

              Also, Costco tends to skew a little higher-end in their merchandise mix. I'd rather have something good than something meh that's cheaper.

            2. The original comment has been removed
              1. I was more interested in the selection than price. I am curious if they have more interesting stuff overall.