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Feb 4, 2009 03:49 PM

Indian food in Midtown East/Murray Hill - Favorites?

I love Joy and Maharaja.

Joy is very well priced and the food is excellent. My favorite dish is the Karahi which comes with chicken or lamb. This is a spicy ginger-tomato sauce. Delicious! And I have not seen this elsewhere. They also make top notch Samosa and Lamb Vindaloo (hot and flavorful.) I see they also have a Flatbush Ave. branch that gets raves.

Maharaja makes the best Onion Bhajee you will ever have with a tangy dipping sauce. They also make an excellent Korma (get the lamb) and their Tandoori Chicken is flavorful - slightly spicy and juicy. I crave this all the time.

I can order from either of these and be very happy. For me, it;s kind of like learning about wine. There are many options - some familiar, some less so, and it interesting to contrast and compare dishes I love as prepared by different restaurants and also try new dishes. I am not new to Indian food - just seeing what I like in my area.

My question - what is your favorite Manhattan Indian? Midtown/Curry Hill/E. 6th/ wherever...just curious what you like and where you go.

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  1. My favorite Curry Hill Indian restaurant is Saravanaas, which I thank hounds for recommending. South Indian food, which they specialize in, is quite different from North Indian. If you haven't tried it, give it a shot.

    I haven't tried your favorite places. Saravanaas is right on the corner of 26th and Lexington. Where are Joy and Maharaja?

    1. I work around the corner from Maharaja and have been a couple of times. It's ok, you definitely got a ton of food for the price. Apparently they have start skimping on the portions though, my co-workers complain that new ownership isn't as generous as the old ownership.

      My favorite spot for Indian curries is Curry and Curry on 33rd between 3rd and Lex. Bold, flavorful curries along with the best rice I've had in the city.

      1. I grew up eating Pakistani food, which is pretty similar to North Indian. Saravanaas, then, was a revelation. Their dosas and vegetarian specialties managed to be light yet satisfying and always flavorful.

        For really spicy authentic fare, I have always been an unabashed fan of Haandi and now that Lahore has joined the group in Curry Hill, I frequent them when I have time to stop by as well. More locally I find that Earthen Oven has been a great place to get clean-tasting, well-prepared Indian, though I do occasionally have to remind them to make it Desi-style if I want my vindaloo to be as hot as it should be. That is a small price to pay, however, for such excellent quality so close to home.

        1. I love the South Indian vegetarian food from Tiffin Wallah. It's slipped the last few times I've been there, but I heard that its time to shine is on weekends; weekdays they put all of their effort into the lunch buffet (which is solid for the genre).

          I don't know if anyone else has noticed the slip, but even on one of the weaker times I've been there I feel that their dosas were better than Saravanaas.

          1. We had a very nice buffet lunch at Dhaba on Saturday - it was reviewed in the Times yesterday. I concur with the reviewer on all points (especially excellent value at $9.95 pp). Will be going back soon to order from the menu.