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Feb 4, 2009 03:18 PM

birthday dinner in miami?

from NYC. staying at the fountainbleau with my dad and im taking him and family and friends out to dinner in MIami. Need recommendations for a place.

Looking for high quality, festive, cool, notable.. Big appetite group of 8. Steak house or great comfort food possibly. .maybe in the design district or SOBE. I want to look like I know the hot, excellent places. ;)

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  1. Since you mentioned steak and big appetites, I started thinking about Fogo de Chao with their Brazilian steak buffet or rodizio-style churrascaria.

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      Gotham at your hotel is all you describe (festive, cool, notable) - but if you want to get out, South Beach has Meat Market on Lincoln, Reds and Prime 112 south of 5th Street and there is Manny's Downtown.


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        Mannys is whack and very boring. I do not recommend.

        Like others have said, Meat Market or P112 for the "steak n' scene", though like tpigeon said Id opt for the sea bass and apps at P112 over the steak personally.. My buddy was in town from NYC and went to Gotham and said it was great too though he said most of the crowd came from ad execs w/ clients in town for the Comedy Fest.

        You could also head over to the design district to Michaels Genuine Food & Drink which, in my opinion, is the best restaurant in town on a consistent basis. The menu is online at but it changes constantly. Reservations are a MUST for a party of your size.

        Talula on SoBe is also a favorite of people on this board (and recently of people who take recommendations from locals and people on this board). Ive never been but its on my radar as a must do next time I eat on SoBe.

    2. I would do meat market or p112 for the scene in sobe. p112 is perma hot and meat market is popular for the moment and I cant personally vouch for the food but i did hear good things. Red is not popular yet but is getting busier...I have not heard good things about mannys. Gotham has mixed reviews so far but I heard the bad stuff in the very begining and am hearing more positive stuff now.

      P112 has great mac & cheese and onion soup - I would not get the steak there, get the sea bass.

        1. I can usually (never) taste the steak since I cover it with their Prime 112 steak sauce... that stuff will make anything taste good.

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            i do love brazilan.. azul in nyc is great.. but im not sure if i want everyone getting up to get food (Fogo is a buffet right?)

            i had a friend mention prime 112 too.. Meat market looks nice inside and the menu is interesting but i hate that name.. maybe Ill have breakfast at gotham in the morning.

          2. thanks for all the reccos. You guys are wonderful. and I'm already salivating.

            I think its between prime 112 and telulahs. if i choose prime ill go to telulahs for brunch the next day (do we recommend that?)

            I'm definitely curious about michael's genuine and a few others. I will try on the next trip.