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Feb 4, 2009 02:47 PM

Tapas in Las Vegas?

Looking for a good tapas restaurant in Las Vegas. Maybe something similiar to Viva Madrid in Claremont, CA. Affordable and delicious. Any suggesitons?

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  1. Firefly is very good. Heard good things about RE Tapas, but haven't been yet.

    1. For my money it's Cafe Ba Ba Reeba. Normally I'm not into corporate restos but they do a good job here. Good selection of tapas and great sangria. If it's nice outside, choose a table on the patio and people watch.

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        We have been to Firefly, Cafe Ba Ba Reeba, RE Tapas and Cafe Deia. We enjoyed all of our meals, but Cafe Deia was the best. You can purchase discounted gift certificates to all but the Firefly on

      2. I may have to try them all! Thanks!