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Feb 4, 2009 02:39 PM

Paese Lunch - Winterlicious - Good Review

Today, my friends and I had a winterlicious lunch at Paese.

We were seated promptly. Delicous ace bakery baguettes appeared on the table immediately. Our water glasses were also filled.

There were quite a few other patrons there..but they had carefully spaced out everyone, which I thought was a nice touch.

I ordered the caesar salad - and it was ok - not as good as I remembered but it was still tasty.
For the main course, I ordered a salmon tomato and saffron stew with braised winter greens and marscapone cheese. It was delish!!
As for dessert, I selected the choc. caramel mousse ..which was good.

What I really enjoyed, was the service...our waiter was prompt, efficient and let us linger at the table for longer than necessary!!

For $15...I cant complain about anything and we will most certainly return

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  1. So I guess you enjoyed your experience??? Any waiter I should ask for?????

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    1. re: pi2tl

      Derek was our waiter.
      He has been there for years....has an accent (south african??).