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Feb 4, 2009 02:24 PM

Soho Tomo or JH/Elmhurst Sushi

I passed by Soho Tomo Roosevelt yesterday. Seemed like a good place. Any opinions? Otherwise, does anyone know of a good sushi/japanese food place in the area (that's not East 21) around Jackson Heights/Elmhurst/Woodside with good sushi that might also deliver?

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  1. it's cheap. i'll give them that. 1 dollar a piece. 2.5 a roll.
    You can try Happy Kitchen about 8 blocks west of there.
    Wasabi Point is new, in elmhurst at woodside ave and like 76th st. - but the jury's still out . they do deliver though.
    I've been interested in the Korean supermarket lately. They do sushi. could it be good?

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      I recently tried their sashimi platter - it was pretty good - fresh and cheap! I didn't realize they also do sushi (rolls?).

      1. re: Jeffsayyes

        Which Korean supermarket? If it is H-Mart (Han ah Reum), I have only ever seen tamago (egg) sushi, which has no fish. If you learn otherwise, please do tell - their premade foods are very good but it is unpredictable what will be available any given day.

        1. re: elbev

          I'm talking about the place next to Rice Ave on roosevelt/broadway. They also have pretty good looking sushi at Hong Kong (?) supermarket in elmhurst - where the food court mall is (nusura)