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Feb 4, 2009 02:14 PM

Kiwame, new spot replacing Tama on Ventura Blvd.?

Has anyone been? I'm meeting people who are staying in Universal City and thought I'd check it out. I know it's a new place from Katsuya Uechi, of multiple Katsuya fame, but wondered how it is.

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  1. I tried it out. We did the Omakase. Definitely underwhelmed. It was decent, nothing spectacular. Still would choose Nozawa, Asanebo, or Katsuya (on Ventura) over it. Maybe it just needs some time to figure out the kinks. Service was good- almost too good-they wouldn't leave us alone! But, were super sweet.

    1. Actually I found out its spelled Kiwami.

      Tried it this past week. A buddy and I ordered several appetizers along with some nigiri and handrolls. We probably pigged out a bit - we ordered 5 different appetizers, and at $15/per, it added up quickly. Apps were good to very good; one app I dug is my current fav - the yellowtail sashimi with jalepeno.

      My favorite type of sushi is usally chirashi,sashimi, or plain nigiri so Kiwami's not my usual style of sushi. I've not been to Katsuya, so I can't really rate Kiwami against comparable joints.. The nigiri was solid, with good quality fish, but it probably holds its own against other neigboring sushi joints.

      Total price, including tax and tip was about $160 for the two of us; price included some beer and sake. Overall, solid place, but it doesn't surpass Sushi Gen,or Sushi Go 55 for me.

      Inspired by exilekiss, pleasurepalate and others, I took some pics...