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Where to find Halloumi cheese in Toronto

I am new in Canada, and I have desperatly tried to find Halloumi cheese....anybody know where I can find it?

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  1. I got it at Loblaws in the summer, but I haven't seen it since. I believe it was President's Choice brand, too.

    1. Ulrika, I would try some of the cheese stores in Saint Lawrence Market on Front Street

      1. Even better I just saw it at No Frills at Gerrard & Coxwell in the halal meat section. It's not that expensive.

        1. I bought some at Cheese Boutique.

          1. Ditto on SLM. Alex Farms usually has some of the cypriot halloumi in their fridge, the one off to the side. The PC brand is not bad, but more of a backup halloumi really when you can't find anything else. If you don't mind making a longer trek, Arz Bakery on Lawrence E. in Scarborough has decent halloumi, both pre-packaged and fresh from the cheese counter. Plus a host of other delicious middle eastern cheeses.... visit at your own risk! I never leave Arz without dropping serious coin.

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              Also at Nasr Foods on Lawrence E, I think just past Warden.

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                Monforte Dairy sells great Ontario-made Haloumi.

                Weird thing this morning - I went to Aroma for their Haloumi sandwich, which is one of the best sandwiches in the City, by the way, and they told me they didn't have any Haloumi because there is a shortage. Shortage of Haloumi??? Did something go wrong with the cows? Did the Haloumi makers go on strike?

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                  Monforte Dairy is not making any cheese for about a year, so you won't find any of theirs. They have further ino on the site:


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                    Never mind the cows, Halloumi is made with goat and sheep milk. What is going on?

              2. There is a place called Holy Land on Roncesvalles that sells good halloumi. Also Whole Foods has it but it's not as good.

                1. Iqbals in Thorncliffe Park always has it in stock. Great place to shop...


                  1. Try some of the stores in the Greektown area (Danforth Ave) such as "Greek House", they have Canadian Haaloumi for $22.99 a kilo.
                    You will find it sold in a few places in this area of town.

                    1. You can find it at St. Lawrence Market (the only "real" halloumi--from Cyprus!). Check the cheese store in the southeast corner...all the way in back, and to the left as you walk in from Front Street. I've purchased it there. There are also cheese stores at Kensington Market that may have it.

                      1. I saw it at Gilead Cafe couple weeks ago.

                        1. Arz Bakery has a wonderful product. Also a low salt version that is delicious.
                          1909 Lawrence Avenue East

                          1. http://www.chow.com/home_cooking_dige...

                            Personally, I like to fry it then squeeze some lemon over it and eat with pita. It's also great baked in the oven, in a pita. The bread gets very crunchy and the cheese very melty. You've got to eat it while it's piping hot though! (Not very original uses of the cheese, but hey, you said 'favorite'!)

                            1. Try Mister Greek Meat Butcher on the Danforth (just east of Pape). They carry the same Halloumi cheese as others on the Danforth for less.

                              1. If you are in the north end of the city, there are many middle eastern type supermarkets on Yonge St. between Steeles and Finch which have a delicious variety of cheeses, as well as fresh, baked on site breads, prepared foods and ingredients. I'm sure you will find your taste of home there.

                                1. If you are in the midtown area I saw it at the Forest Hill Loblaws last weekend - that is at St. Clair W. and Bathurst.

                                  1. I saw it at METRO at Yonge and Eglinton last night. They had a few varieties. Can't speak to the quality and don't remember the brand ... but they have it!


                                      1. Whole Foods stocks it regularly. I've never purchased it, so I can't speak to the quality. I do remember it being a bit pricey, but that's no surprise for Whole Foods!

                                        1. I bought some from Longos that was made in Greece.

                                          1. I think by now it's clear halloumi can be found almost anywhere in the city. I notice halloumi everywhere now that I've read this post. btw, the cyprus version is available at Schefflers in the St Lawrence Market. I also saw it at Bruno's.

                                            So, hopefully the OP isn't desperate any more? There has been no response or other posts from Webtwins since Feb 4. So hopefully he/she has found his/her cheese.

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                                              I can't find it help !!! Port Union and Sheppard area please.

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                                                If you ever go to Ajax you can try king tut (egyptian convenience) on bayly, right beside it is "open sesame" bakery (lebanese) which also sells it.
                                                At one point the iranian Frushaka khawar cafe at brock sold it, still might. Green sign, right on the north west corner.

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                                                  Thanks BW. I picked some up at Arz Bakery yesterday, first time i tried it. Bought some of their fabulous and fresh pita's to go with. While I enjoyed it, I found it to be too salty for my tastes. I think they may have had a lower salt version beside the one that I bought but it wasn't labeled clearly.

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                                                    It is salty for sure, if you fried it up (grilled) adding a drop of lemon helps to balance the salt and make it more palatable.

                                                    Also if you happen to go to open sesame or king tut be sure to pick up some of the twisted knotted looking cheese, it has black specks in it (nigella seeds) sometimes, you can soak this cheese in some warm water to remove the salt and this string cheese is a nice snack or you can melt it on bread.

                                                    Arz bakery should have it too actually.

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                                                      Just so you know, you're not supposed to put the string cheese in warm water. Only cold water.

                                            2. What-A-Bagel and Yonge and Eglinton has Halloumi cheese sandwiches, yet to try one though.

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                                                Thin Blue Line on Roncesvalles carries it as well.

                                              2. The Rabba on Wellesley (just west of Yonge) generally has it. Can't say I've seen it at the 2 other Rabbas in the 'nabe though.

                                                1. Hi,
                                                  you could find it in different places in Toronto. I've tried many brands and Les Aliments Karnie brand is by far the best one I've tried. They sell their cheese at Arz Bakery, Haddad's Mid-East Bakery, Wadi Foods, etc.

                                                  And for those of you who are complaining that it's too salty, you're supposed to rinse it with warm water before you eat it.

                                                  1. Athena Bakery, 598 Danforth Avenue has it for sure. Just bought some last night along with feta cheese plus an assortment of other cheeses from Greece. Just walk in and ask for it. It is behind the counter. The feta by the way is excellent.

                                                      IT. THAT AREA IS ALL MIDDLE EASTERN (JUST WEST OF WARDEN ON LAWRENCE)

                                                      1. Just wanted to reinforce that the Montforte Halloumi is outstanding.... and local. They don't have it all the time at all the markets, so call the dairy in Stratford and ask if they have any. If they do, they will send it along to the farmer's market of your choice with your name on it.