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Feb 4, 2009 01:45 PM

Where to find Halloumi cheese in Toronto

I am new in Canada, and I have desperatly tried to find Halloumi cheese....anybody know where I can find it?

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  1. I got it at Loblaws in the summer, but I haven't seen it since. I believe it was President's Choice brand, too.

    1. Ulrika, I would try some of the cheese stores in Saint Lawrence Market on Front Street

      1. Even better I just saw it at No Frills at Gerrard & Coxwell in the halal meat section. It's not that expensive.

        1. I bought some at Cheese Boutique.

          1. Ditto on SLM. Alex Farms usually has some of the cypriot halloumi in their fridge, the one off to the side. The PC brand is not bad, but more of a backup halloumi really when you can't find anything else. If you don't mind making a longer trek, Arz Bakery on Lawrence E. in Scarborough has decent halloumi, both pre-packaged and fresh from the cheese counter. Plus a host of other delicious middle eastern cheeses.... visit at your own risk! I never leave Arz without dropping serious coin.

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              Also at Nasr Foods on Lawrence E, I think just past Warden.

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                Monforte Dairy sells great Ontario-made Haloumi.

                Weird thing this morning - I went to Aroma for their Haloumi sandwich, which is one of the best sandwiches in the City, by the way, and they told me they didn't have any Haloumi because there is a shortage. Shortage of Haloumi??? Did something go wrong with the cows? Did the Haloumi makers go on strike?

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                  Monforte Dairy is not making any cheese for about a year, so you won't find any of theirs. They have further ino on the site:


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                    Never mind the cows, Halloumi is made with goat and sheep milk. What is going on?