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Feb 4, 2009 01:19 PM

ISO: Grain alcohol

I'm trying to find some grain alcohol, any help?

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  1. I assume that you are looking for just what used to be sold at the LCBO as just plain " Alcohol " In the pursuit of ever more profit the item was discontinued years ago and am certain it has no replacement other than the more expensive " Vodka "! The product was often used by those making their own liqueurs and although sales justified shelf space, the " Alcohol " was removed.

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    1. Everclear is a brand name 95% grain alcohol and you used to be able to find it in Buffalo

      1. In its final days on the shelves, alcohol was sold at the same price as the cheapest vodkas. Led me to think there was really no difference.

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          If used to make liqueurs, vodka imparts a bit of flavour that purists would find undesirable. Cheap vodka would be worse. (See the filtering vodka threads here on Chow.)

        2. You're probably looking for Alcohol 95: http://www.lcbo.com/lcbo-ear/ProductR...

          I haven't seen on it on shelves, so you might have to ask. I think they want to keep it out of the hands of kids (or maybe I'm wrong).

          The LCBO stocks the Absolute 100 proof vodka as well, which might be your second best bet in Canada.

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            I note, tjr, that when I check stock on 95 it is available. Asking may be the way.

            Of course in Quebec where I was first introduced to the notion of alcool (sounds better, doesn't it?) they have it.

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              I've tried to buy Alcohol 95 before, but they won't sell it unless you have a permit. And they won't give you a permit if the booze is meant for normal consumption. You need either a prescription from your doctor or proof that you are a business that uses pure alcohol (such as a perfume maker). If you wish to make the attempt to convince somebody you need it, you can send an e-mail to sheila.acorn@lcbo.com and request an audience with George Soleas, Vice-President of Quality Assurance.

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                While rum is obviously not a substitute for neutral alcohol, the LCBO does have 151 proof rum on the shelf.

                Colour me cynical, but this seems to me a marketing ploy. Why sell a low cost 190 proof alcohol when even the cheapest 100 proof vodkas cost much more? By restricting the "alcool" to non-drinking uses that require pure alcohol, LCBO revenues and profits are inflated.

                This is consistent with their withdrawal of most low cost wines from their stock on the (I believe spurious) basis that their clientele is universally trading up and there is inadequate demand for even the best low cost wines. What a crock :-(

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                  Right MB, watch Fuzion fly out of the stores when they have it.
                  The $11.15 Bannock Station Shiraz sells in FL Walmarts at $3.97.

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                    The LCBO was carrying a $5.95 wine... Yellow Shirt, or something, in a plastic bottle, from France, and Tour de France-related. Reasonable for a joke wine!

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                  I had heard something like this, but didn't know whether it was accurate. Thanks for clearing it up.

              2. Takes me back...Used to get this lacquer thinner substitute for party punch "barrels" in undergrad days in the US. Maybe publicly funded health care keeps it off the market in Ontario...