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Best Dinner in Providence

Help me pick the finest, tastiest, nicest restaurant in Providence. Been to Capital Grill, Agora,
Hemingway's and Adri-something a few years back. What's the best now? Thanks all.

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      1. la laiterie on wayland

          1. Chez Pascal. The charcuterie plate varies and is all made in-house; last week's included a delicate slice of head cheese. The duck breast "prosciutto" is yummy, as are all their pates and terrines. Importantly, all of the preparations carry their own distinct flavors and textures; not like some restaurants where everything tastes similar and one sauce coats all. They also featured fresh Rhode Island sardines as an appy: lovely fillets with the glossy silver-blue skin of very fresh young herring, done a pointe. The Gulf of Maine skate wing was a square so thick that it must have come from a giant fish, yet the succulent flesh almost leapt from the cartilage and melted in the mouth with the buttery hint of what you'd get if you genetically engineered a monkfish-scallop-lobster cross.
            Nice duck, good wine list, great people. Go, but don't take my parking space. They are few and far between, especially if snow is on the ground.

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              I've still never been to Gracie's, for no apparent reason, but:

              Chez Pascal.
              Chez Pascal.
              Chez Pascal.

              One of the most under-recognized chefs in New England, Matt is a serious craftsman, and it's actually a very reasonable value for the astonishing quality.

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                I want to second recognizing Matt as a great chef...although his new found PC stance on fois gras is a bit annoying...still if you ask nicely and ahead of time he will prepare it for you. I would also like to point out that his wife Kristen makes the front of the house run equally as smoothly as the kitchen which means the whole eating experience is always great.

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                  What, exactly, is his "new found PC stance on fois gras"?? Is he no longer cooking it for ethical reasons?

                  1. re: bewley

                    Yes, or at least that was what I have been told by several of the wait staff when we asked why it was no longer on the menu.

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                Ditto Chez Pascal.

                New Rivers and Gracie's are solid, but in a different league.

              3. Chez Pascal beats Gracie's hands down. I have tried Gracie's several times in the hopes of finding great food, but it never quite makes it. On the other hand, I am always happy at CP, including the more intimate, less pretentious atmosphere. CP has better prices as well, especially there mid-week prix-fixe for $28.

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                    I've never been to Chez Pascal, but I've had several incredibly good meals at Gracie's, albeit with one or two so-so courses (for example, the chocolate dessert selection I had my first time there was, well, meh). I'd go back for more gnocchi, however.

                    (And yes, Chez Pascal is on my list for my next visit)

                  2. Add me to the Chez Pascal chorus. Also like La Laiterie, but they don't take resos and there can be a long wait.