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Feb 4, 2009 12:27 PM

Q Cumber's on East 15th, off of Avenue J

How is the food? Good quality?
Is it CLEAN? That is very important!
Let me know what you think about this place and if it is worth the visit.

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  1. Is this a branch of Q Cumber's located in Woodmere, Long Island? I wasn't aware that there was one in Brooklyn. Carlog and Gaby's also is located in the Five Towns of Long Island, but a newer branch recently opened in Brooklyn, from what I've heard.

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    1. re: midasgold

      yes. It is the second Q Cumber's store

    2. Its clean and the salads are good quality, you get a VERY big salad, enough for 2 people.

      Its the same as the one LI but alot smaller.