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Feb 4, 2009 12:01 PM


Well it's not time yet, but soon will be. I'm not sure where this post will go - I suppose favorite stands, folks that ran/run them, flavor...My own happy memory is of the one on Downman Road in New Orleans East - anisette was my fave & the man that ran the place smoked a cigar - sounds strange, but to this day when I smell a cigar I think of that stand & the many warm summer early evenings we spent visiting it.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. The one on Roosevelt at Airline makes their own syrups. They are wonderful but the ice is not smooth. Lakeview Snowballs (lakefront in LaPlace) has nice fluffy ice. Plus it upstairs so you can sit on the deck and watch the lake activities.

      1. What is the snowball you're referring to?

        I only know of 2 types: one for tossing at husband's head or to the dog, the other being the strange chocolate cake enrobed in marshmallow and coconut, sold in packs of 2.


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          Judging from the many posts of yours, that I have seen, I assume that you're not putting us one, or having a laugh.

          Because of that, I'll give you some general info.

          In the Deep South, there is an iced treat, most often called a "snowball." The terms "snowcone," and "shave ice" are often used. In general, they can be interchanged, though there are differences by stand, and by region.

          These treats are made by shaving a block of ice into a snow-like texture (differs by stand and by the machinery used). The "snow" is scooped onto a tray, a box, like you'd see at a Chinese takeout, or a paper cone. Usually, there are several sizes, and these will also differ.

          Once the "snow" is in the container, syrups are poured over the "snow," and it is eaten usually with a spoon, and often with an additional straw.

          The Deep South and Hawai`i (shave ice there), are fairly famous for these, and little beats one on a hot day.

          Others can differentiate the various snowballs, by the exact stand, as there are differences, and one usually has one favorite.


        2. Folks, Chowhound's mission is to find the best places to eat right now. Discussion of closed snowball stands and favorite flavors is off-topic for a regional board. Please keep your replies focused on where to find good snowballs in the New Orleans area.

          Mmmm, snowballs.

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          1. You might call it a snow cone. Fluffy shaved ice with flavored syrup and sometimes condensed milk or ice cream.

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              And of course, there's always he famous Hansen's Sno Bliz, home of the Double Atomic--and other equally superb creations. But what makes the NO snowballs different is the use of the Sno Wizzard machine, made here.

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                Hansen's snowballs uses the same machine that was invented by Mr Hansen himself, all other snowball stands use different machines, same principal, but the machine used at Hansen's makes the lightest and best ice around, IMHO. They also make their own syrups, Mrs Hansen would make them daily, now her granddaughter carries on that tradition, thankfully. I love the sour flavors there.
                I grew up making trips to Plum Street with my mother piling us into the car for a weekly treat. The chocolate with condensed milk was by far my favorite growing up and is still a guilty pleasure of mine.
                All snowballs stands are good, but in my opinion some are just better than others, it could be ties to childhood memories or just the fact that they have been around for over 60 years for a reason.

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                thank you!

                I've had snowcones since I was a kid in the 70's, so that is familiar. There was a place in Hawaii famous for it too. Never knew they were called snowballs in other places!

                In California near Santa Rosa/Russian River (kayaking), there was a taco stand which also served shaved ice topped with coconut flakes and sweetened condensed milk. Perfect!

              3. re: The Chowhound Team

                Dear Chowhound team:

                This is a level of ideological purity that the old-line marxists would envy.

                As I see my post has been removed, I should say that all of the stands I mentioned, except my experience in school, are still open.

                And what's wrong with discussing favorite flavors? It would seem to be useful to anyone who is inexperienced in this area. My post did deal with where to find good snowballs: I recommend Pandora;s Icebox, the Metairie Raod Stand, and the plum street Stand, also known as William's.

                The chowhound team should, I think, give theusers the benefit of the doubt.

                1. re: underworld gourmet

                  I was actually afraid to mention Plum & Burdette St, because I did not know if they are any longer open. Never knew it as "William's," and neither did my wife, who grew up on the River-side of State St., and then in the River Bend Area. Thanks for that reference, as it was new to me.


                  1. re: underworld gourmet

                    UG agreed...not only that, but some stands are seasonal and can open or not each year. many are just returning post-K, so any chat about any of them might trigger an update or report from someone else.
                    let this thread favorite flavors are chocolate with condensed milk and ice cream with cream. and I like the straw with the spoon on the bottom for consuming this delicious treat.

                2. Pappa Sams! I love their Wango Tango with condensed milk...tastes like key lime pie!

                  I also love Hansens.

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                    Pappa Sams on the northshore??? A favorite of mine here on the other side of the lake. I have moved over and love thier concoctions as well. I find their wedding cake with condensed milk to be hard to resist. But then again, the famous nectar is a pleasur I must indulge in periodocally. The only problem I have with this spot is the high school kids who work there are extremely slow, so a line forms quickly and takes forever to move. Oh well, a small price to pay for refreshment on those hot summer days,