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Feb 4, 2009 12:00 PM

ISO: Imported Italian Eggs

I'm looking for the best eggs...THE best. Ideally Italian free-range.

Any idea where I could purchase this side of the pond? Price really no object!

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    1. There's a thread on the great egg search and so far I think it came to conclusion that the Clarks' eggs are the best thing you're gonna find avail at this time of year. This is assuming of course you're somewhere near the GTA.

      If not you've probably got a leg up on us because you're probably closer to the local producers. I think your best bet in Ontario is to hook up with a local small time egg producer and get them direct from the farmer.

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        CoffeeAddict416 is absolutely correct. I've spent some time of the Great Egg Search myself.

        I'll differ on one of your points, however. if you're buying eggs from regular retail sources (e.g Loblaws, Fiesta Farms, the Big Carrot, St. Lawerence market, etc.), the Clarks' eggs are probably the best you'll get in the GTA at ANY time of year.

        The ONLY way to get real eggs in the GTA is to hook up with a farmer who comes into the City periodically and arrange to have him/her sell you eggs "under the table", or drive out to the farmer. By "real" I mean eggs from pastured chickens - the ones with dark orange, almost reddish yolks like the ones they have in certain parts of Europe).

        Small egg producers are not allowed by law to sell eggs beyond the farm gate if they are not candled and graded. Also, the eggs marketing board quota system doesn't allow small producers to retail eggs beyond the farm gate. In Ontario, eggs from pasture raised chickens invariably come from small producers.

        By the way, it doesn't matter what country the eggs come from. It only matters if the eggs are from pastured chickens or not. I don't think the things on Italian pasture like grasses or bugs are any diferent from those on Ontario pasture.

        There are definitely sources for fresh, good quality eggs in the GTA, from the Clarks for example, but their eggs are not the real deal. Based on what I read from your post, they are not what your looking for.

      2. ROTFL!!! Buy farmgate as recommended. The best you'll get--anywhere. Be advised very few will be willing to share where they source the real deal. They're where you find 'em.

        1. The original comment has been removed