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Feb 4, 2009 11:52 AM

Spanish and infant-friendly

My wife and I are headed to NY in march, and we will have our three-month-old with us. I'm looking for a recommendation for a high-end (or at least high quality) Spanish restaurant where we won't be made to feel like lepers if we have an infant with us. Obviously, I would assume that going at an earlier hour would greatly improve our chances anywhere, but there are others factors to consider. For example, I know somewhere like Casa Mono comes highly recommended, but most reviews I've read make note of the cramped seating. I don't think something like that would be an ideal experience. I'm sure there must be parents in NY who enjoy fine Spanish cuisine and can't always get a babysitter. Any advice is greatly appreciated, and bonus points for really good patatas bravas. Thanks.

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  1. I do think that Casa Mono is probably not appropriate during dinnertime with a baby. But I was there for a weekend lunch once where a couple brought their infant in a carriage and they were placed in one of the tables in the middle (not one near the windows). It would definitely be a tight squeeze, but it has been done.

    1. Casa Mono would definitely not work with a baby. Maybe during lunch when they are less crowded but not dinner. I don't really have any recommendations. The only tapas/Spanish places I've been to are tiny and/or have bar stool seating.

      1. Mercat has tables & isn't tiny, but it can be very loud. On the bright side, it's likely no one will care if your kid starts screaming.

        1. La Nacional - I'[ve dined there once and I know that they have more in-between table spaces than most local Spanish restaurants. BTW, we've not had their patatas bravas.

          Sevilla in the W Village also has more space than most Spanish restaurants in the city.

          1. Also! Here is a brand spanking new restaurant that is actually a reincarnation of an old restaurant. Be the first to review it on Chowhound! Take one for the team! Well, by March probably someone will have weighed in. But it belongs on your radar, maybe.