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Feb 4, 2009 11:49 AM

where to get (asian style) dungeness crab??

lived in the Bay Area for a year, and feasted during dungeness crab season... it's one of the few things I miss having moved back to NYC!

in particular, there was this place in SF called PPQ Dungeness Crab. Anyone know it? You could get crab in any number of ways, all done spectacularly. My personal favorites were the curried crab (somehow the crab managed to be succulent, sweet, and delicious, the taste not hidden by the yummy vietnamese style brown, slightly coconuty curry) and the salt and pepper crab. so freakin' good!!

given that you can get dungeness crabs at every asian fish market in Chinatown (Manhattan and Brooklyn), I can't believe you can't find it served in any asian restaurants... but i haven't been able to find any yet! (i did try it at one korean-chinese place in Bayside, which was really good, but only served one way...) anyone have any rec's? i'm expecially interested in finding it at a vietnamese or malaysian place, but chinese or korean or whatever would be great, too! i live in brooklyn, but recs for anywhere will be pursued!


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  1. anyone???

    we tried Fuleen Seafood on Division in Manhattan Chinatown the other day. The crab was okay. Not bad, but not worth going back, in my opinion. I see on a few posts here that there is some Cantonese crab to be had in Flushing. Maybe I'm especially looking for more of a Southeast Asian style, though...


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      You can find Singaporean chili crab at many Malaysian restaurants. There have been some recent threads on Malaysian restaurants. They also have it at Fatty Crab.

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        saw it advertised at Singapore Cafe recently.

    2. Can I revive this thread? I have to think there are other former-San Franciscan PPQ lovers who have moved to NYC are are asking the same question... no??

      1. Cafe Hong Kong in Manhattan Chinatown does most everything quite well so you might check them out. As far as Chinese food in New York goes you have to understand that the demographics are much different from California. The Fujianese are the main group in New York, but nearly non-existent in California. If you go to Flushing it's predominantly "Mainlanders" whereas they're a much smaller, but growing influence in the Bay Area. In LA the two trending Chinese restaurant dishes are the Shandong beef roll and French cut filet mignon, which you can find at dozens, if not a hundred Chinese restaurants. I've found a couple of Shandong beef rolls and no French cut steak in New York. So just because both SF and NY have extremely large Asian populations doesn't necessarily mean you'll find the same dishes.

        1. For everyone replying here the point of comparison is more vietnamese than chinese - these places in SF do a pretty simple butter/salt/pepper dungeness crab (and the garlic noodles).

          its not particularly comparable to chili-crab or other chinese preparations that im familiar with.

          i think that, in addition to the demographic discrepancies chandavkl mentions the biggest limitation is that any crab you found out here would have to come from much further away.

          sadly, as a native San Franciscan, i satisfy this craving on occasional trips back to the west coast.

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            Well, there's always buying the live crab and making the dish at home!

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              I thought that the signature crab dish at Imperial Palace (Flushing Chinese restaurant) was Dungeness crab.

              This place will deliver to you, I think:


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                Good points. I just always figure that, especially in season (which I know this is not, of course), you can always find Dungeness Crab at the Asian seafood markets, so I always wonder where it is on the menus!

                I have GOT to try the crab and sticky rice dish at Imperial Palace, but that's quite a different thing from PPQ crab. PPQ crab is like: enormous dungeness crabs served one of four ways--and yes, Vietnamese-owned, not Chinese-- in a golden curry sauce, fried and insanely garlicky (looks a little like the garlicky lobster I've seen pics of at... maybe Imperial Palace, too?), salt and pepper, or spicy and salty. It is just insane, sweet crab deliciousness. With (oddly overpriced, deliciously perfect in the most simply and unsophisticated way) butter and garlic noodles. :)


                Too bad plane tix are so expensive these days!