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Feb 4, 2009 11:42 AM

Peter Luger Creamed Spinach Recipe?

So, went to Peter Luger for the first time this weekend. While the porterhouse was great, I was really taken by the creamed spinach. Does anyone have an inkling as to how it's made?

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  1. Havnt been to Luger's but have been to one of the others set up by ex-staff. Had the creamed spinach and suspect it is simply steamed, dried off a bit, then mixed with cream. Perhaps a smidge of nutmeg.

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      Really? It didn't look like it had much cream in it (it was darker than your usual). And I don't think it was fresh spinach. Too mushy.

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        Not much cream, of course - just enough for a moistening and flavour. It may not have been fresh spinach, of course, but our creamed spinach in Europe (which is the background Luger and the others draw on) is a well cooked affair with I suppose you could call mushy.

        I found it an odd thing to have with steak but it seemed to be such a classic for these sort of places that I had to try it. Not something I'd order again if ever in New York.


      This is a copycat recipe for PL's creamed spinach.

      1. I was shocked at how similar this recipe was to steakhouse creamed spinach. don't let the list of ingredients fool you - it's really great, especially when made with a good quality frozen spinach. I like the bags of Cascadian Farms Organic best for this recipe

        10 3/4 can cream of celery soup
        1 tbs. flour
        1/4 cup butter or margarine or canola oil
        1/2 tsp. garlic salt or to taste
        Salt to taste
        Pepper to taste
        20 oz. frozen chopped spinach, cooked according
        to package directions, well drained OR
        2 pounds fresh spinach, cleaned, stems removed,
        chopped, cooked and drained
        1 tblsp dry onion, chopped, OR
        1 small onion, peeled, ends removed, diced
        In a large saucepan over medium heat, whisk together celery soup, flour,
        butter or margarine or canola oil, garlic salt, salt and pepper until smooth
        and piping hot. Add cooked and drained spinach, dry chopped onion or diced
        onion. Serve.