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Feb 4, 2009 11:39 AM

Downtown Jackson MS without a car

Will be staying at the Holiday Inn on Graymont overnight & going down to the capitol. Any lunch, or dinner recs walking distance from hotel or capitol? I'd really like BBQ but don't think we want to invest in a taxi. How about Mayflower, Elite, are they good? What about Dennerys on Graymont? Thanks

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  1. Mayflower is my favorite place for dinner downtown. I always get seafood there, and it is quite good. They sell beer, but I think it is BYO wine. I've heard the Elite is decent but haven't been. I'm not sure, but I think Dennery's is clsoed. Steve's Downtown Deli is my favorite lunch place downtown. If you go, make sure you try their Senegalese peanut chicken soup. Hal & Mal's is good for lunch as well, but, at night, I have only gone for music. You mentioned BBQ -- Chimneyville Smokehouse is near your hotel -- 970 High St. I haven't eaten there (and it may be closed for all I know). Maybe another Hound can fill you in about it?

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      I agree with pkimble's recs for Mayflower and Hal & Mal's. And, Dennery's is closed. The Elite is o.k. I have not been to Steve's. I think that Chimneyvill is open only for lunch. I am sorry to tell you that there isn't much within walking distance of your hotel. If you do decide to spring for a taxi there are lots of better options.

      Edit: I've never really thought of Jackson as a BBQ town. Fried catfish is the specialty of the area.

      1. re: Sister Sue

        Thanks for your input. The reason I asked about BBQ is that I will also be in New Orleans 4 days + 1 lunchtime in downtown Baton Rouge (again, no car) so I figured I'd have enough fried food (po boys etc) but would like some BBQ one time during a southern trip. However, if fried catfish is the specialty of Jackson, I am wililng to have one more fried meal! Do they have that at Mayflower or at Hal and Mal's? What about Miller's, that seems to be downtown too, is that better for fried catfish?--I saw that recommended someplace on line but not sure of the credentials.

        I really don't have much time in Jackson, so have to stick to Downtown, but maybe could walk up to that Belhaven area a bit north of downtown. I do not want to make any scruffy or unsafe walks, highway walks, etc etc.

        Any input on Chimneyville also appreciated; even if it's not the specialty of Jackson, still wouldn't mind having some pulled pork, yams, or other southern specialties.

        I am sure Senegalese peanut chicken soup is delicious, but it just doesn't seem like la cuisine de la Jackson, if you know what I mean. . . .

        1. re: Wanda

          The Mayflower does have catfish --- fried or grilled. The grilled is VERY good. If you are there for lunch on Friday, you might run into my husband and his friend. They go there just about every Friday for lunch. It has been years since I have been to Miller's, so I can't really tell you what it is like now.

          Chimneyvile is o.k. It is not as good as some, but not as bad as others. And, I do enjoy H & M's for lunch. They, too, have catfish. The Old Capitol Inn is a B & B that has lunch service with some tasty southern foods. It is close to the capitol.

          I wish that you had a car because the Jackson area does have some good places to eat. You'll have to come back again to get a true taste of Mississippi. Let us know what you end up doing.

          1. re: Sister Sue

            Tye's Restaurant has a full bar and is open for lunch and dinner. It is right across from the Governor's Mansion on Congress.

            1. re: fat harry

              Have you been to Tye's fat harry? I'm not working downtown anymore; should I go out of my way to give it a shot?

    2. For a taste of real Jackson, and Mississippi in general, try the Big Apple Inn or Peaches on Farish Street for lunch. Peaches for plate lunch (soul food), and Big Apple for tamales and if you are feeling adventurous, pig ear sandwiches.

      1. Is twosister's still around? It used to be good and downtown. also, you can order a pretty delish sandwich from Room Service in Fondren.

        1. The original comment has been removed