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Feb 4, 2009 11:23 AM

Where to go for Dessert (after dinner)?

After dinner saturday night i want to stretch the night out. Dinner is early at bout 7. I was thinking of going to a different place to have dessert?

Anyone have any recommendations on where to go and get dessert after dinner? Dinner will be in soho area. The dessert doesn't have to be in that area but being close by is a plus.

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  1. i just looked at sugar sweet sunshine but i'm not that into cupcakes. I think i'm more along the lines of ice creams, puddings, and other interesting desserts.

    I''m sort of looking for a place like the dessert truck, excpet one that i will be able to sit inside of. I dont necessarily need waiter service or anything...

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      The Modern casual dining room. It closes late, 12am I think. And it has beautiful presentations of desserts.
      But if you want casual.... GROM gelato in the village has sitting space, they are crowded, another gelato place around the corner on 7th ave.

      1. re: ORyan

        In that area, I think Hiroko's Place (75 Thompson Street between Broome St & Spring St)) may fit what you want. It's Japanese with a relaxed cafe atmosphere (couches!) they have Japanese ice cream parfaits and puddings as well as tea coffee and dinner foods as well. More towards the East Village I'd recommend Luxee (6 Clinton Street), which is also a Japanese dessert cafe, but with more of an elegant atmosphere and French inspired gourmet desserts, but still affordable. PetalBelle (158 Sullivan St) is in that neighborhood and has Capogiro gelato, waffles, and other nice things, but I'm not sure how late they're open. Good luck!

        1. re: citysweettooth

          thanks for the recommendations

          i'm also thinking about chickalicious?

      2. Some of the little spots on Mulberry are fun. I've always enjoyed Cafe Palermo. Not really high end, but they do make a good cannoli...

        1. ChikaLicious! We tried it after a disappointing dinner recently and because of the wonderful Earl Grey cake at ChikaLicious the evening was saved :)

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          1. re: TripChick

            Oh, yeah! Chikalicious Dessert Club is awesome! I haven't made it to the main one across the street yet though.

          2. Bruno Bakery
            506 Laguardia Pl
            cakes, tarts, ice creams, pastries, cookies, and espresso
            I think they have waiter service but definitely seats

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            1. re: misnatalie

              Bruno is fine. I have the general impression that Rocco's may be better, but I'm not so certain of that that I couldn't be persuaded to reconsider. What's your take on it?

              1. re: Pan

                I've never been a fan of Rocco's. Cookies are dry cakes nothing special at all. In MHO Bruno's is much better. I love Chickalicious but you can't always get a seat.

            2. Great post. We're also having a rather early dinner on Vday and I was hoping to go somewhere for dessert afterwards. Our rez is for Degustation @ 7. (I've been wanting to go for FOREVER) After bar seating, it might be nice to be somewhere intimate and romantic. What's Chikalicious like? It would also be nice if there are some dessert drink options...

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              1. re: middyboo

                Chikalicious is very small and about half of the restaurant (maybe a bit less) is also counter seating. There is a also banquette on the wall but in usual Manhattan style, it's a bit iffy getting in and out. Typically, I don't think of Chikalicious as very intimate and romantic. More like modern (there's lots of white/light colors in terms of decor) and bright. It also gets super-crowded on weekend nights, so if you wander over after dinner at Degustation, you will probably have a wait to be seated (I avoid going in the winter because there's really nowhere to wait on the inside, most of the time you end up waiting outside since the foyer is tiny). Don and Chika are super nice though, and the food is good, but I prefer just going to Dessert Club across the street for a takeout treat. :)

                1. re: kathryn

                  Thanks a lot for the heads up! I will def not feel like standing around/waiting in the cold after a nice dinner. I'll keep looking...

                  1. re: middyboo

                    If you do the tasting menu at Degustation, you won't need to make a separate dessert stop as dessert is included. Though, we did the 10-course tasting, not the 5-course. Still...Im not sure I would have been hungry for a 2nd dessert.

           idea might be to hit Dessert Bar to pick up a treat to have with coffee Sunday morning :-)

                    1. re: piegirl74

                      When I ate at Degustation, we split dishes from the regular menu, and skipped dessert specifically because we wanted to try the Dessert Truck. We were almost tempted to order dessert at Degustation anyway, since everything else was so good!

                      I like the Desert Truck, but it will entail walking around in the cold, so probably not your thing.

                      1. re: ian9139

                        I often patronize the Dessert Truck, and I think it's a good value and serves a quality product. I particularly like their chocolate bread pudding. But while it's a very welcome addition to the neighborhood, I wouldn't say I've had anything from them that's mind-blowing, merely quite good and very satisfying. Do you feel their desserts are superior to Degustation's? Or have you never had Degustation's desserts?

                        1. re: Pan

                          I have not had Degustation's desserts, but the deserts looked quite good and they have a dedicated pastry chef in addition to the other two chefs and the waitress. I simply chose to go to the dessert truck bc the concept interested me and I do not spend too many nights in the city. I loved my goat cheese cheesecake, but I am not sure how it would have stood up to dessert at degustation.

                2. re: middyboo

                  I just went and had a fabulous time at Chicklicious. You will probably have to wait but it was fanatstic. I put some pictures below.