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Feb 4, 2009 11:15 AM

Puerto Rico Rec's for non-touristy, good food (restaurants and markets)

I've read a number of posts about food in PR, but most seem to discuss the mediocre food at resorts and some good sounding local places mostly in San Juan.

I'm heading to PR in a week or so, with husband and kid. We're staying near El Yunque, at a condo at the Wyndham Rio Mar. We will avoid eating at resorts, touristy and chain places at all costs. Thrilled to find local joints of all types--total dives, roadside stands, and high-end places, too. We'll have a kitchen, so we hope to cook a bit; I'd very much appreciate rec's for markets we should try, too. Also, we'll have a car and plan to drive around quite a bit, though perhaps not all the way to the west side.

Thanks so much!!
foodie mama

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  1. Hi,

    I caught your post on the Manhattan board before the Mods rightfully took it down. While you can't ask about food in PR on the Manhattan board, you can post something pointing other Manhattan posters to this thread.

    Here is my review from December.

    I have to say that I thought the food was much better in San Juan than at the El Yunque area. In the El Yunque area, my rec would probably be La Parilla (Kiosko #2). There are other kiosks you can check out in Luquillo. I wasn't too thrilled with Las Vegas -- was okay, but I have a feeling you can do better. As I was only in the El Yunque area for a couple of nights, I really didn't get to try too much in that area.

    There are also a bunch of roadside stands in Pinones by the water. Take the road hugging the water and you will find them. Unfortunately, when I was there, they were not open yet. Best to go in the afternoon and not morning.

    I will have to say that I don't find chowhound to be the best resource when it came to planning my PR trip outside of San Juan. I would recommend the boards at tripadvisor for that. Much more traffic and many more locals posting.

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      Great, reply, thanks!

      I'll still hope to get lots of replies to this post, but I'll check out Tripadvisor, too!