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Feb 4, 2009 10:58 AM

Eating in Tacoma

I'm spending next weekend in Tacoma, and am wondering if people could pass along and restaurant or coffee suggestions? The catch: I'll be at the Murano, and have no car--so places need to be in walking distance.


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  1. One of my favorite coffee places is nearby - Cafe Metro on the UW Tacoma campus, near 19th and Jefferson. Definitely walking distance from Murano. Also, Blackwater Cafe (near Fawcett and S 9th) seems good, though I've only been here once and didn't have a coffee.

    As far as restaurants go, I'd be interested in hearing other people's suggestions. I have not had good luck downtown anywhere except Matador (Pacific near S 9th).

    1. Giovannaz, Whatever you do, don't eat at the Murano. Within walking distance is:

      1. Indochine (Asian Fusian--exceptional tuna)
      2. Maxwell's (dinner only)
      3. Merende (Italian)
      4. The Swiss (pub grub)
      5. Matador (Tex Mex)

      Avoid: The Pita Pit (literally toxic) and the Harmon Brewpub (a Sysco outlet).

      1. Heh. You mean you want to eat besides knit?

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