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Feb 4, 2009 10:55 AM

Waffles in Seattle

I'll be coming through Seattle a couple times in the next few months, and am wondering about any waffles to be had in town--especially curious if there are any carts, late night windows, etc?


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  1. Arosa Cafe is the only walking waffle specialist I can think of - but it's definitely not a late night place. Some people rave about their waffles, and I imagine they could be good when fresh - unfortunately, the one time I bought one, it had clearly sat in the case for hours and was stale and heavy. ("Not worth the calories" was my thought at the time.)

    Edit: also see

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      Sorry you had a bad moment at Arosa. When I worked across the street, it is something i would save up calories for. Really good belgian style, some with an edge dipped in belgian chocolate. the hot chocolate is also divine - house made from steamed milk and melted dark chocolate.

      now it has been 3 years since i worked in that neighborhood, so maybe things have changed, but at the time - worth the calories!

    2. While it's kind of a stock answer for "Best Breakfast" around these boards, Portage Bay Cafe on Roosevelt does waffles with a nice condiment bar featuring all kinds of fresh fruits, syrups and whipped cream.

      (I don't know if the other ones do the same.)

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      1. re: GreenYoshi

        Are you sure? I have been searching for good waffles and thought Portage Bay would have them, but there aren't any on their menu as far as I can see.

        I had ok waffles at the Rusty Pelican in Wallingford last weekend (and they have a combo with eggs, sausage or bacon and waffles, which is nice - some places only serve them ala carte). My favorite waffles are at Salty's brunch, but that's spendy if you really only want waffles, and it's just for brunch (not late night).

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          again, Portage Bay Cafe gets my vote, YES they do have the best waffles and the BEST condiment bar, i should the only condidment bar of its kind. lots of fresh cut organic fruits whipped butter real maple syrup etc. when my girl and i go there we order 3 dishes just to make sure we have plenty extra to take home. and yes they win best alot because it is one of the best. one of my top favorites.

          1. re: mikeeatsalot

            Am i blind? I still don't see waffles on the Portage Bay Cafe menu:


            Portage Bay Cafe
            4130 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105