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Feb 4, 2009 10:48 AM

Near Erie - Swedish Smorgasbord

This goes back about 30 family lived in Erie and my brother and I loved a place called the Swedish Smorgasbord. I recently uncovered a picture of us there and wondered exactly where it was and what happened to it...can anyone help?


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  1. Are you thinking of the Swedish Smorgasbord on PA Route 8 (Pine Avenue) about a half-mile past intersection with East Grandview Blvd ..... on the right as you head out towards I-90 ?

    Not sure what ever happened to it, but I can remember eating there once or twice with my parents back in the 1960s (I think).

    If memory serves me correctly, it was in a building which appeared to have been a house at one time.

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      I think there was one in Edinboro, too. My mom and dad would go golfing in the 60's and we would eat dinner there afterwards.