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Feb 4, 2009 10:28 AM

Patty Melt The Best ?

Who has the best patty melt in the L.A. area ?

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  1. Hey, I'm working on it, but I need some help here. Probably from someone who is neither old nor fat, unlike Your Correspondent...

    So far the best in the area has been Pann's, though theirs is such a monster - 3/4 lb. of beefy goodness - you might want to figure on making two lunches out of it. Harry's in Burbank (San Fernando 1/2 block N. from Burbank Blvd.) is quite good, and not expensive. Pie'N'Burger's version has been extolled by the likes of J. Gold, but my one stab at it was frankly pathetic; coulda been a bad day, so I'll try again. My overall favorite was actually out of the area, at the Busy Bee Cafe in Ventura, but if you're up there you might check them out.

    I'll be watching this for other recommendations...

    1. Patty melts may be the hardest to find thing on any greasy spoon's menu. Personally, I dig Rick's in Alhambra. I grew up on the stuff, so I may be biased. The menu is so-so generally, but the patty melts are a real winner. Not sure about the other Ricks locations in Whittier or Silver Lake.

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        By "Silver Lake", are you referring to the one at Riverside and Fletcher? Seems to me that place was spoken of recently in a positive sort of way, and the PM may have been mentioned. Gotta go look...

        1. re: Will Owen

          That's the one. Not sure if it's all the way in Silver Lake, but you got the picture. I actually live pretty close to that one and eat there often. Try the chili fries.

      2. Rick's in Pasadena on Walnut - I think they call it the "French Bread Cheese" or something similar. Pretty good. Couple of versions - more - less patty. Pining away for the patty melt at the Great Grill in Burbank, pretty sure it's gone.

        1. Upscale version. Boneyard Bistro. Just had it tonight. Its got bacon and a couple cheeses. 3 dipping sauces, 1000 island, chipotle, and cilantro/jalpeno I think. Massive amount of good shoe strings. It'll set you back $20. Not greasy spoon pricing either. But its worth it. And you can pair it with a really good beer off of BB's list.
          Guy that runs BB is hustling hard. Just 3 tables occupied tonight.

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          1. re: fishyak

            I second this recommendation. Boneyard Bistro's Patty Melt is fantastic.

            Boneyard Bistro
            13539 Ventura Blvd.
            Sherman Oaks

          2. The Hamlet in Pasadena.

            A close runner-up is Four N 20.

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            1. re: ipsedixit

              Oh! Four N 20! I've been wracking what's left of my brain trying to remember that name (Blackbird's? No...). Yes, gotta try that. And somehow I've managed to overlook the Hamlet's PM. Thanks, ipse...

              1. re: Will Owen

                hamlet's patty melt is the best i have had, greasy, cheesey, caramelized oniony goodness.