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Mar 28, 2004 12:21 PM

Looking for Shwarma in SFV

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I have been craving a good shwarma sandwich for three days now. I used to eat these 2-3 times a week in NYC, and I am having trouble finding a place that compares to Mamoun's in the West Village (fast, cheap, tasty, with a line going out the door). Anyone know of a great, cheap, falafel and shwarma place in the Northridge, Chatsworth or Granada Hills areas (or nearby)? The place across from CSUN-- there's gotta be better. Thank you.

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  1. Have you tried Zankou Chicken? There are only a few locations. I know there is one in Van Nuys.

    5658 Sepulveda Blvd., Van Nuys 818-781-0615

    Almost everything I've tried there has been wonderful. If you don't like garlic, I would say you may not enjoy this place, otherwise, load up on the hummus and babaganoj.

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    1. re: RobL

      This is the gold standard in LA, as far as what you're looking for. I love Zankou!

      1. re: RobL

        Zankou Chicken sounds right up my alley (garlic-- yes!). I'll check to see if there is one closer than Van Nuys, in an effort to avoid the 405. Thank you!

        1. re: Kathy Koupai

          As a former Northridge resident (and current Las Vegas resident), the Van Nuys location is the closest. I found going southbound on Sepulveda sometimes to Zanku is sometimes faster then the 405. Trying to exit the 405 at Burbank to make the left turn to get to Zanku can be a pain (so much so you may need hemroid medication).

          1. re: Eric

            I went to Zancou, and it was great! Thanks to those who suggested it.

            The hummus was possibly the best I've had (garlicky and tangy, with just enough spiciness). I also loved the pickles and the side of garlic sauce. They made the meal.

            Only complaints: parking on Sepulveda Blvd. and no tabouleh.

            I will have to check out the other recs too. Thanks again to all. If anyone comes up with something else closer to Northridge, let me know.

        2. re: RobL

          Zankou is, indeed, great, period. When you evaluate it as value for price -- it hits the stratosphere.

          As for people who don't like garlic . . . hmmm, I know such people exist, but could someone who dislikes garlic truly be called a Chowhound?

          1. re: Dorothy

            I've always loved Pita Bar & Grill on Fairfax. They have great falafel & schwarma that's chicken & lamb. Great free salad bar & a bunch of great homemade sauces including a delish Harissa.

        3. Okay, there is a little place on Victory and Coldwater that is right behind the movie theater next to another resturant. I can't remember the name, but the place is fantastic. They have the best shwarma I have ever tried. Kinda far from Northridge, but worth the trip.

          1. "I am having trouble finding a place that compares to Mamoun's in the West Village..."

            I always preferred Pyramida on the Upper East Side myself. Anyway give the following Israeli-sytle place a shot:

            5610 Fulton Ave.
            Van Nuys, CA 91401

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            1. re: Joe B.

              Highly second the recommendation for Crossroads, adjacent to Valley College and the now under construction Orange Line busway. Not Northridge proximate, but either it or Zankou will definitely satisfy your needs.

            2. Also try Firehouse at Victory and Reseda. Yummy!

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              1. re: moxiela

                Firehouse has Shwarma? I thought they just served Gyros.

                1. re: Creamfinger

                  I'm still working on dining at all the suggested restaurants on this thread. Tried Firehouse today (Victory at Reseda Blvd., city of Reseda, in a cute little building which I almost passed up). Had the falafel sandwich combo (comes with fries and a 24 oz drink for $7.50 after tax). Especially liked the plentiful yogurt-garlic sauce that topped the sandwich-- very tangy and flavorful. The pita bread was warm and yummy, and the veggies inside (lettuce, tomatoes, special red onions) were also fresh and good. Only complaint-- the falafel balls were too large and a bit overcooked/dry. Fries were also good. Would go back to try some of their other menus items. They did not have shwarma, but had plenty of other goods on offer (stuffed dolmehs or dolmadas, grilled chicken breasts, gyros, etc.). Thanks for recommending this one.

                  By the way, Reseda Blvd. in the SF Valley is bursting with small restaurants on every block (Thai, Vietnamese, Mexican, Afghan, etc.), which definitely deserve some exploration. I never realized just how many small-time restaurants we have here.

              2. s

                In addiiton or Crossroads, I recommend

                Carnival Restaurant
                4368 Woodman Ave
                Sherman Oaks, CA 91423-3031
                (818) 784-3469
                (between Ventura Blvd/Moorpark)