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Feb 4, 2009 10:12 AM

Where to buy tomatillos in the winter?

I really want to make a fresh tomatillo sauce for enchiladas on Friday. However, they are not in season. Does anyone know if I can get them anywhere around SF? Or is there a good canned version that would work? Thanks!

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  1. I have seen them in the last week at the Monterey Market.

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      Yes, I think Monterey Market in Berkeley almost always has tomatillos... in the aisle with the mushrooms...

    2. If this is for a simmered or stewed recipe, best advice: don't use fresh. used canned tomatillos.

      I have a favorite recipe for Chicken Chile Verde and I used to stress about finding nice ripe tomatillos of just the right texture and ripeness. I'd always buy 1.5x what I needed because I would always need to cull. And sometimes they just would not work out. Then I'm in the market one time stressing to find an acceptible one, and I ask the grocer -- a middle aged hispanic guy -- who took me aside and told me that canned is almost always better.

      So I swallowed my foodie pride and took his advice.

      I doubt I will ever both with fresh tomatillos again. At least not for a stew, and not unless I find myself at some farmstand where they look fabulous. Safeway (at least in my hood) carries large cans that fit my recipe perfectly.

      But really, do you use canned (or boxed) tomoatoes? Or do you always cook with whole tomatoes?

      1. I saw fresh tomatillos @ Safeway 2 days ago and @ Farmer Joe's in oakland yesterday. The canned ones are a perfectly fine alternative. When are they IN season: the same time as red tomatoes? Adam

        1. Any Mexican Market.

          If there is a Food4Less or Foodsco near you, they had them on sale last week. The prices are usually pretty good anyway.

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            Or Foodmaxx as some of those stores are called now.

            1. re: WCchopper

              Foodmaxx probably has them, but they are not the same company as Food4Less/FoodsCo.I like the latter quite a lot. Never could understand the appeal of Foodmaxx.

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                Oh. OK. Well, anyway, you can get tomatillos at FoodMaxx per the OP.

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              Or Foodmaxx as some of them are called now.