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Feb 4, 2009 10:04 AM

Restaurants Near the Wigwam - Litchfield Park

I will be staying at the Wigwam in Litchfield Park for the next four days. Are there any good restaurants nearby? I won't have a car, but am willing to take a taxi. Alternately, are any of the restaurants at the Wigwam decent?

I am open to any cuisine and price, but would like to have Southwestern/Mexican one night if possible.

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  1. "the grill" at the wigwam was great, i ate there a while back and loved it.

    1. Here are restaurants directly across from the Wigwam:
      AJ's Persian Grill and Cafe
      Old Pueblo Cafe
      blu sushi

      Of the three, I've only eaten at blu sushi before. We sat at the sushi bar and had a nice meal there. If you like sushi, I would recommend it. Old Pueblo would fit your southwestern/mexican request.

      I've read good things about the Arizona Kitchen and Red's - both located in the Wigwam. I think you can search and find postings about both of them.

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        Arizona Kitchen, sadly, is no more. blu is great; Nakama two miles south is also good, and they'll give you the real wasabi if you ask nicely ;).

        Red's is not the same, but it's good. I love their fried dill pickle appetizer. So wrong, and somehow so right.

        I can also recommend Dino's Greek & Italian Grill and Bella Luna as being worth the very short cab ride to get there; but I imagine that the Wigwam would run a shuttle to either by request.

        1. re: themis

          I'll second the recommendation for Bella Luna. I've enjoyed a few excellent meals there.