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Feb 4, 2009 09:56 AM

Dinner & Music on Feb 13th night with the b-friend?

Hi all,

Suggestions on a place to take the b/friend for the Friday night dinner as a Valentine's Gift from me?

We went to Mitsura a few months ago and LOVED the food plus the jazz music next door @ Sopra lounge.

Anywhere in Toronto that has a similar combination of dinner & music? Pref in the same place, or next door is ok.

I remember the 'Top of the Senators' a few years ago that we used to go to and enjoy. But it closed.

Places that we've been to already:

- Chiado, Splendido, Canoe, Bymark, NotaBene, Scaramuche
(plus they don't have music playing.)

Any comments about Le Maquette? or Prime?

We both love meat & seafood.


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  1. How about Biff's Bistro for dinner, then 2 blocks over to Reservoir Lounge for great swing jazz? Or Beerbistro for a more casual dinner in the same area.

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      Any place on Ossington - Foxley, Delux, etc... -- and then over to the Dakota Tavern for live country and roots music?

    2. Centro has a bar in the basement with music.

      1. Jacob & Co says it has a piano bar... I haven't been, but I'd love to hear a report. Feedback on the resto has been great.