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Feb 4, 2009 09:56 AM


I read about Honey Pig in the Washington Post this past weekend and it sounded like a fun place to try. Has anyone had any good experiences there?

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  1. My Korean friends like it. But I have yet to go.

    There's a decent discussion on yelp.


      Take a look here. It is outrageously good and a fun experience, especially if you are into Korean bubblegum pop. Go late as early diners report less success at getting the extras like the grilled kimchee and all the other stuff they dump on our grill regularly. But we go there so often that we are pretty well known to several staff members and they know what we like.

      1. The food is good, the tables tiny, and go for lunch if you don't want to wait!

        The review was fairly representative of our experiences except for one thing. They suggested that non-Korean diners received subpar service. I have not felt this was the case at all. However, we are very familiar with Korean food and do not require any unusual staff assistance other than a fork for the 9 year-old. You may also need to ask for the boricha, which is the hot barley tea served in a glass.

        1. Can someone help me quick. I am trying to make a reservation tonight for 8 people and I speak no Korean and obviously who I am calling speaks no English. Can someone tell me how to say reservation and 8 in Korean?

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            No need for translations. I've made 4-5 reservations and whomever answer the phone has always understood enough English to take the reservation. I recommend using an easy name though.

            1. re: pineapple sage

              After ten calls finally someone who spoke English picked up! Not someone who didn't understand and hung up on me. Right as I was downloading the iphone app that translates then speaks a sentence.

              1. re: ktmoomau

                If you post your name and what time you want your reservation to be in the next 10 minutes, I'll call them and make a reservation on your behalf.

                1. re: ILoveBacon

                  We finally got it after a long time of calling, whew... but thank you!!!! The idea of taking a big group of friends to delicious pork not happening caused sheer panic. It wasn't supposed to be a big group but it grew (more stuff to try yay!). But again thanks you for your generosity!

          2. I went with a group of seven Saturday night and we had a fantastic meal. I will be going back soon to explore more of the menu.

            We started with a seafood pancake that was crispy, but moist. Good flavor. I had shrimp in mine and with some scallion it had a nice sweet and fresh flavor.

            We ordered 2 orders of the spicy pork belly, beef ribs and octopus, pork. The spicy pork belly was great. Not too too spicy, but had a great blend of fat and pork. The spiciness got rounded out with the sweetness of the fish sauce and the crisp coolness of the lettuce.

            The beef ribs were very good too. Nice flavor and worked well with lots of peppers and garlic added to the grill. I loved the garlic that would get nicely cooked and a tad bit carmelized towards the end.

            The octopus and pork (and I think something else perhaps squid? was by far the best dish. Spicier than the other two, the grilled octopus was very tasty not overcooked and chewy but perfect with the spice and fish sauce. I was eating these without the lettuce because the flavor was just so good. The rest of the dish was great. It had a little more onion and tomato with it than the other dishes and ended the meal well.

            We had asked for fried rice at the end and didn't get it, but we had plenty to eat so we were ok. We also got 2 boiled eggs and those were nice added in the lettuce wrap for some balance. It was fluffy and light and the egg really tasted good against the spicy pork. Almost reminded you of spicy breakfast in a good way.

            All in all a great meal and only $20 pp with 20% tip. The ladies were really helpful since it was our first time and we didn't really know what were getting ourselves into.

            Afterwards we went back to Clarendon and got some ice cream. By that time we could feel the spice in our bellies and knew some milk product would be good. I will have to get the fried rice next time because it looked really good at other tables.

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            1. re: ktmoomau

              I went to Honey Pig a couple of weeks ago and loved it as well. I am definitely going back with my office mates. The spicy pork belly was hot, sweet and totally delicious!

              1. re: ambergersa

                The thick pork belly is even better. They put the onion garlic & pepper mix on the grill and a wedge of kimchee so the spice is there as well but you get the crispy outside succulent inside thing going on. The pork neck is similar, a little more meaty chewy. I like the tripe if with a crowd. Of the soups, the kimchee cigae is really dood as well.

                I like the pork and large squid chul pan made into fried rice after. Did you try Soju?

                1. re: deangold

                  I wanted that fried rice, I am going to have to convey that better next time. After reading your other honey pig reports I know there is so much I still need to get. Is soju the barley drink? We forgot about that. And we even talked about it beforehand.

                  1. re: ktmoomau

                    Soju is a form of alcohol made from potato and grains. It is a plot to remove brain cells as well. As George Carlin once said of something else, the first Sujo makes you feel like a new person and then that person wants one!

                    1. re: deangold

                      This will be a part of my next visit... along with the fried rice. Maybe the new person will forget about her kitchen renovations....

                      1. re: ktmoomau

                        The hubbie and I went to Honey Pig last Sunday afternoon -- our first Korean BBQ experience! -- and we really enjoyed it! We did wish that we had done our homework, like we usually do, before we went because we didn't have a clue as to what was going on. In any event, just taking our cue from the folks around us, I think we managed to work our way through the spicy pork belly and bulgogi without embarrassing ourselves too much! a question about the rice and/or fried rice: so this is something one has to specifically ask for? We didn't get any, and I couldn't see from our vantage point if the others had rice automatically brought to them. We would like to go back soon, and not miss anything the second time around.

                        1. re: msarap

                          The fried rice is a byproduct of the chul pan dishes. You get chul pan and then ask for fried rice which is made with the sauce and the final bits and bobs of the chul pan. They have regular rice which can be eaten plain, used as a plate to set your bbq pieces on and collect the juices or can be put in the lettuce wraps and eaten that way.

                          1. re: deangold

                            Thanks a bunch! Can't wait to return and get that, sounds delicious!