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Feb 4, 2009 09:43 AM

Fresh Fruit/Vegs-Greater Miami

Hi all,
Looking for good quality produce at either markets, groceries, stores, etc.
Am in/around 71st, but will travel for used to Jean Talon market in Montreal if this is a helpful reference

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  1. Miami still struggles to do the farmers' market thing well. There are several "farmers markets" (quotation marks used purposefully) right near 71st St. on the weekends - Saturdays on Normandy Circle, the Upper East Side Market on Saturdays at Legion Park (Biscayne and 64th St.), Saturday and Sunday at Vagabond Market (73rd & Biscayne). I've never seen anything at the Normandy Market that is not wholesale imported fruit and veg. UES market has sometimes had multiple vendors with local / organic produce; my last visit to Vagabond there was one such vendor.

    For regular day-to-day shopping, our usual is the Publix in Miami Shores (90th & Biscayne). It's not great but it's improved some of late and if you're there at the right time the organic selection can be decent. Better than the Publix on Collins around 69th St. There are a couple little supermarkets right on Normandy Circle and somehow I've never checked them out.

    There's also Epicure Market (South Beach, Alton Rd. & 16th St.; or Sunny Isles, Collins and 170th St.) - good quality, pricey, and not particularly conscious of organic; for chains, there's Fresh Market in Aventura or Coconut Grove (also very shiny and clean but not particularly conscious of organic); Wild Oats in South Beach; Whole Foods in Aventura or Coral Gables.

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      The Wild Oats in South Beach officially changed name to Whole Foods - they took down the sign. It might be due to a change in the corporate planning ever since they pulled out of placing a new Whole Foods in downtown's Met 2 project.

      1. re: mialebven

        The companies merged. I didn't realize they'd already changed the signage. Has quality improved? I found that Wild Oats very hit-or-miss.

        1. re: mialebven

          Damn I had not heard that Whole Foods pulled out of the MET project. Thats a disappointment. Are they scrapping it all together or just going to a different location?

          Good news is that the new Publix going in to Mary Brickell Village is supposed to be the best around, 30K sq ft or something to that effect.

          1. re: dmo305

            The Whole Foods in South Beach is pathetic. There is barely any local produce, even during the Winter growing season. You are better off going to Publix.

            DON'T MISS the raw food market in Coconut Grove on Saturdays. Get the raw tiramisu from Glaser Farms and the Cashew Curry from Lamoy.

      2. Take a nice drive up to Hollywood Beach on Sunday morning and try Josh's Organic market. Expensive but worth it!

        1. Agree with Josh's and just saw this on Herald site

          Sunset Corners Wines & Liquors in Kendall and Teena's Pride farm in Homestead are joining forces to form a community-supported agriculture program. People can pay $40 a week for a full box of local produce -- lettuces, herbs, peppers and tomatoes -- or $25 a week for a half box.

          A four-week trial begins March 12, with customers picking up their produce on Thursday afternoons at Sunset Corners, 8701 SW 72nd St., Miami. For further information, call 305-216-2336 or e-mail