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Feb 4, 2009 09:15 AM

ISO Butterscotch Frosting

My daughter is requesting a white cake with butterscotch frosting for her birthday. As you may know, I'm not much of a baker. I think I can handle the cake part, but not sure how to come up with a butterscotch frosting. She would also be happy with caramel.
One thing I should add is we do not like supersweet frosting. Nothing with a ton of confectioners sugar, and I want more of an actual frosting, not a glaze.
I know, picky, picky, picky! The things we dofor our kids.
Please and Thank You!

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  1. Do you know how to make caramel, because butterscotch is made the same, but you whisk in butter off the heat, after the caramel stops spitting. Heat the sugar and corn syrup mixture to 250° and the add cream and butter. Let the butterscotch cool and pour over the cake. I can give you a recipe if your interested.

    This is a cheater method if you would rather not play with the culinary napalm that is molten sugar,cream and butter.

    6 ounces Butterscotch Chips
    1/3 cup milk
    2 tablespoons butter
    1/2 teaspoon salt
    3 cups sifted confectioners' sugar


    Melt butterscotch morsels over hot water. Remove from heat, add milk, butter, and salt and beat until smooth. Gradually beat in confectioners' sugar until desired consistency.

    Makes 3 cups

    1. I don't mind making the caramel or butterscotch at all. I'm wondering if I can do some form of 7 minute frosting and use the caramel/butterscotch base to drizzle in the egg whites? What do you think?

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        I tried this and the fat in the buterscortch base (I suppose) broke the 7 minute frosting and I had a weird butterscotch soup!

      2. I like dulce de leche in frosting. Sweeter is adding some to buttercream; less sweet, just mixing with cream cheese. I've also done a combination by making cream cheese frosting with dulce de leche.

        1. It isn't butterscotch, but the salted caramel frosting on the CH recipes board (accompanying the vanilla bean cupcakes) is very good, and very simple. Pile on lots of icing for the best caramel flavor:

          1. Hi j,
            try this one:

            3 tablespoons butter
            1/2 cup packed brown sugar
            1/4 cup milk
            2 cups confectioners' sugar
            1/2 teaspoon of vanilla