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Feb 4, 2009 09:09 AM

Venue for a sugared almond-free wedding in Montreal

We're not having a white wedding, we don't care about sugared almonds and pageboys ... there will be 60 of us (civil ceremony, etc), with about 30 people coming over from London and Amsterdam.

Looking for somewhere beautiful (Chateau Ramezay is closed for refurb) if possible, slightly unusual if not (i.e., worth flying 3,500 miles for): resto, unusual museum, old hall... any suggestions would be great. (Already tried Club Mount Stephen, Musée des Beaux-Arts, etc) - is the St-Gabriel as commercial as i suspect it is?

Thanks (and help!)

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    1. My friend had her wedding at Le chalet de plage at Parc Jean-Drapeau and it was very nice. It's right next to la plage dore and you have to take the F1 track to get there. I just don't know if you can use it in the summer.

      1. The Pointe-à-Callière Archeology & History Museum's resto has a lovely view, and can accommodate up to 110 folks, seated. I've only eaten there once, but the food was good. If your wedding is not in winter, they have a terrace attached, as well.


        1. The Bonsecours Market has a beautiful venue.

          1. I have seen some absolutely amazing events at the Science Centre - presumably most rooms would be a little too large but perhaps worth looking into :


            In the summer, the terrasse at Koko (Opus Hotel) is quite lovely (and I've seen weddings there). Koko itself is quite a nice space for a wedding (very white, modern).

            The St-James Hotel is of course very fabulous - not sure if XO (the restaurant) could accomodate so many but worth looking into.

            Finally, the interior 'courtyard' and 'cellar' spaces at the InterContinental can be pretty cool (though needs to be dressed up).

            Last but not least, is Auberge des Gallants in Hudson. I went to a wedding there this fall and the setting was incredible - the leaves were on fire with colour and the pictures were stunning. The venue is very Canadian lodge, the food was alright, but most of all it was unique and fun. We were in the Maple Lodge. I don't find the pictures on the site particularly inspiring so you may want to contact them for more if ever you are open to heading out of town (guests can stay at the Auberge, too, which is ok and reasonably priced).


            Good luck!

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              Amazing - thank you for your help. Completely brilliant. I'm looking at about 6 of these so you may well have saved the day.