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Feb 4, 2009 08:47 AM

How much for dinner at Le Violon d'Ingres?

I have a dinner reservation at Le Violon later this month and I'd like to have an idea of how much I might be expected to pay for a meal for two (full course, aperitif, wine & water). The Constant website isn't very detailed. Thanks!

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  1. I ate there about a month ago. Price is 49e for 3 courses. There is no pressure to order 3 courses. Separately I think the breakdown was something like 13e per entree, 26e for main, 10e for dessert. A glass of champagne for an aperitif was 13e, wines start in the high 30s per bottle and go up from there. They have several wines by the glass. I think Chateldon water was 6e per litre and they only charged for the first one. Some on this board will argue against it but I really like this restaurant, have eaten there maybe 10 times over the years from back when it was a 2 star when it first opened to now.

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      We ate at Le Violon in November. It was a very pleasant meal. We each had an appetizer, entree, dessert and espresso. We shared two bottles of wine between three of us. Cost per person averaged 83 euro. I would definately recommend it.

    2. Remember has that kind of information.

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        OK, I have my receipt from 03 Jan 2009:
        1 Chateldon = 7e (had 2 only charged for one)
        2 Roederer Rose' = 30e
        1 Supreme de Bar = 27e
        3 Poulet de Bresse Roti = 102e
        1 Morgon = 39e
        3 Souffle caramel au beurre sale' = 39e
        1 Poelee du fruits = 11e
        2 Muscat de Rivesaltes = 16e
        3 Cappucino = 15e
        1 Double expresso = 5e

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          Wow, excellent! I was hoping to pay no more than 200 euro so this seems to be a perfect choice. Thank you for the info!

      2. Is Catherine still in the front of the house? We have not been there in three or four years but like ftdat06 first went soon after it opened ('99?) and nine or ten times after. She was an absolute ambassador for her restaurant, especially wonderful for making everyone feel special. I miss Violon and look forward to returning.

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          I have not seen her there since June 2004. Constant's son seems to have taken over a lot of what she used to do.